Friday, June 26, 2009

She made me so happy

Since I've started Stephanie's, it was just a place for me to display and sell my handmade jeweleries, I never expect anything at all, and of course I never thought i could making extra money from there.

I believe the biggest gain from having Stephanie's is not how much I've earn per month, but all the new friendships I've earned. Like for example, YT & Jerine and Eunice too, though I've known her during MMU's time but I've never gone out with her, so I'll see this a new friendships.

Other than this, I must mentioned her, she encouraged and always give me compliments even before I've started Stephanie's, she is Marina from . I never met her in person, but she always left compliments on my design and I bet she never knew that these compliments meant a lot to me, like this one,

**Can you believe me, I saw today this bracelet on her owner :))) And I have to tell you that in “person” this bracelet looks so posh and elegant. Picture can’t capture all beauty of this bracelet. The owner was wearing red color blouse and black color pants – so classy and so eye-catching. Hey, Steph, you definitely know how to put all this tiny pieces together :) You go girl! **

she was referring to this design,

Marina has a online shop which sells BEAUTIFUL beads and findings and charms and a lot of things. She constantly update the shop with BEAUTIFUL semi-precious gemstones, I love her wide selection of gem-stones, and they are all very BEAUTIFUL.

Noticed I've mentioned 3 times BEAUTIFUL ? That is because I really think they are very BEAUTIFUL, i bought all my gem stones from her and if you're making handmade jewelries, I strongly recommend

She's having free delivery now, how cool is that?

oh, did i mentioned that she sells polymer clays too ? I just love her shop so much, not only i can get all the jeweleries making supplies, but also my craft supplies. In a nutshell, Marinacraft has everything i need for crafts.


Eunice said...

Wow, it sure feels good to have someone appreciating your designs :)

:) :) :)

Stephanie meiyu said...

yeap yeap, feels soooo good :)

YT said...

You know what makes your creations that interesting? It's your rocking personality!

Lurve you to bitz pretty, your willingness to share, your beautiful attitude, your good patience and all.

All these come in a package, others might have the same designs (or copied yours) but you rule!

Stephanie meiyu said...

wow YT!! That's like super touched compliments, i appreciate it :) Thank you so much and i love you, muaks!

Jerine said...

Actually she's right. You're really creative. I don't think the photos do much justice to the real thing. It looks much classier in real life.

p/s: I checked out her site. She doesn't sell bling bling :(

Stephanie meiyu said...

aw Jerine, I love you too, muaks!

well i guess bling-ing yout laptop is not consider as craft, muhahaha! *evil grins*

MarinaCraft said...

Dear Stephanie, thank you so much for such a nice feedback. I do really love your designs and I think you charge so cheap for such one-of-a-king looking pieces. I believe that one day we can see your beautiful designs in magazines like Beads&Buttons, BeadUnique…etc. And you know what; we just received our very own brand of modeling polymer clay, 50 colors to be exact. I don’t care if you say NO, but I’m going to send you free trial samples anyway.

Stephanie meiyu said...

Oh marina, my eyes almost popped out, it's like the biggest surprise!!! thank you so much!

I'll try them out once i've receive them and will definitely write an review on that!

Love ya lots lots!! I can't wait!