Friday, June 12, 2009

Meeting up with YT & Jerine

This wasn't a blogger meeting, never never a blogger meeting!! I didn't know both of them are so much involved in blogging until we talked about it, but ya, IT WAS REALLY FUN!

Yeeting & Jerine came over to my place after dinner to peek at "my workstation", not literary the work station, but the lil corner i have in my room where i make pretty stuff in Stephanie's.

YT's a such a chatty person, and Jerine's as chatty as her, Peter and I had a great time! We should do it more often. Oh ya, Jerine and I is having a little project together, but I'll only review it later :)

Meanwhile, here's the picture of the bracelet that Yeeting bought for Jerine, but handmade by me. She's such a fan of charmed bracelets, she brought home 2 more bracelets from me, thank you so much!


I shall call Jerine "the Queen" because she called me "the Royal Jeweler ", I'm so honoured.


YT said...

Who cares bout that lousy queen?! And I'm not a chatty person in general. Quite unfriendly most of the time. But with that drama queen around, it's hard. Muahaha.

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaha, u and jerine very funny loh, always fighting ..i think you're chatty loh, when i 1st met you in your house, only that you're EXTREMELY more chatty that night with Jerine.

Jerine said... all talking bad about me behind my screen is it?