Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kreative blogger award

Okie dokie, I've got another award and I am freaking happy about it. Thanks Jerine, love you lots lots!

So, here goes, 7 most predictable things I love,

1. Crafts - I love everything that is related to DIY especially making things that are not useful at all (Pete put it this way).

2. Stuffed toys - another thing that has no purpose at all, except for collecting dust in my room, i bought them and love them because they're too cute to stay in the shops, they deserve to be display in my room.

3. Coffee - I'm addicted to it. I've tried not to drink coffee in the morning and i doze off all the way during work, therefore, no coffee no work.

4. Pets - I just love it, especially dogs and bunnies. I love my pet doggie so much and i treat her like my daughter, thats y she's having all kinds of supplements and the best dog food that i can find in the shops.

5. Monopoly - I collect them and I always ask friends & family to buy me monopoly whenever they're out of Malaysia. Oh, Dave liow, you owe me a monopoly from Tokyo, i don't care, u must buy for me!

6. Cows - Only cows pattern and cartoon cows, not the real cows though. Everyone knows i like cow, in fact, I've been getting cow related gifts every year :) Hui darling bought me a zebra patterned hanger which she claimed is cow, it's zebra loh!

7. My family - I love them dearly, who doesn't love their family? Jasmine doggie and Pete are my family too.


Eunice said...

Haha, I can see you have a lot of passion for crafts :)
plus talent!

Why monopoly? =/ but you don't play your collection!

Stephanie meiyu said...

I'm a crafty person since Godzilla age, you have a lot of talent for craft too, i can see that :)

i used to play monoply and love it a lot, but since my cousin had ruined my only and only one play-able monopoly, i didn't bother to purchase another one. I just love collecting it only and only those special ones.

narrowband said...