Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jasmine baby

This is a proof to show that I have a doggie which looks like a teddy bear. Does she reminds you of the teddy bears we used to see in Lovely Lace?


Dad & Sheena picked me up from 1U on friday night and we bought durians for supper. Looks like someone is eager to join us. Jasmine didn't get any bite of durian because we don't know if it's bad for her or not.

Therefore, we put carrots on the empty durian skin (or whatever you call that), and tricked her that she's eating what we're eating. She totally buy it! hahahaaa!


Chilling inside the house on a burning hot afternoon. Weather these days is so hot, might be due to the haze?


Picture taken in the bus, mainland used to be visible.


YT said...

Oi, bring Jasmine back to Penang, I wanna play with it!

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahahaa, she's very naughty one, keep her in your house ah?