Monday, June 15, 2009

Felt project

I bought a few felt cloth in the shades of blue and made these brooches.I probably will write a tutorial for this when I have more free time :)

I've make polymer clay rose in sky blue in the center and shades of blue felt cloth together.

I thought of making a bow tie collar for Jasmine, this one might be cute enough for her!

It fits perfectly with the lil black Naraya pouch Sheena bought for me from Bangkok.

It's so cute, looks like the pouch is wearing a bow tie. **steph's trying to imagine how it'll looks like on Jasmine**

Pictures were taken on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, they turned out so nice, i didn't even need to photoshop the pictures. The sun is always the best light source, that's so true loh!

Meanwhile, guess what's coming up next on Stephanie's!??!?!


It's my favourite cupcakes! Since the previous batch of cupcakes has sold out, I've decided to make more, this time I've added some sparkles.


Eunice said...

super duper cute cupcakes!!!

candice said...

cant wait for these cupcakes...i want ok?!

YT said...

Jerine will be going crazy if she sees these!!!

I like the blue and purple with blue blings!

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thanks darlings! I'm delighted to see responses for the cupcakes :)

Candice, you're my 1st polyclay cupcakes supporter, and I'm sure you'll get yours this time :)

I have a idea, why not we organize a craft day with polymer clay, just me, YT, eunice and Jerine (if she's around) ? It'll damn fun! but i guess YT don't have the patience for it, hahaahaha!!

Eunice said...

I wan i wan!!! i wanna play with it :P
YT & Jerine faster reply lar wei!!! Don't miss this offer can? :'(

YT said...

YT is in! Steph you don't look down on me can???? I can make it!!! I know I can!!!

Jerine will be back in Penang next week, let's schedule one :D Happy!!!! I am going to make my own cupcakes!!!!

Eunice said...

YT is going to make something funny... hahahahahha, i'll laugh at her!!! :x

YT said...

Eunice Lim! Shut up! I am going to make fabulous cupcake charms can!!!??? Gosh!

I am going to prove you evil people WRONG!

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahahaaha!!! I'll see what u guys can do, hahaahaha!! YT who is cooking dinner for us?