Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy's day lunch

I'll call it Daddy's day everyday. Since Mommy had left, my relationship with Daddy has grown closer, we joke, we discuss and we laughe at stupid things together. I love him so much!

Sheena and I brought him to Delicious for lunch.

You might have seen Delicious in the mall, but this one has it's own building and valet parking service.

I literary yelled over thier birdcaged-light deco, SOOOO pretty!

I like their ceiling deco too!

Please don't get jealous over my handsome hero daddy.

After all the trips to the beach, I'm so much tanner.

Steph : I want fill my room with birdcaged-lights and white tree branches.
Sheena: You idiot! why not rear a few crows to deco your branches?
Steph :Shut up!

If you like what you've had in their cafe, you can purchase the ingredients and try to make them at home.

You can get almost everything here, different types of cheese, chocolates, coffee beans, rice and even fresh fruits & organic vegetables.

Prices here are pretty reasonable.


I couldn't get rid of this bad habit of mine, I judged a place with its bathroom. This place is 5 stars!

The bathroom is fabulous, smells good and ........

with full length mirrors!


Wear of the day : Frosty purple rose cabochon ring from Stephanie's & oxidized silver ball chain toggle bracelet from Guess. I'm a proud owner!


Jerine said...

Is that your sister? You both look alike!

Stephanie meiyu said...

yeap, she's my sister :) and we both really look alike since young.

YT said...

Steph, where is this place? I wanna go too! Tell me tell me!

Eunice said...

u seldom post ur photos and i din know ur hair grew so long already!

Stephanie meiyu said...

er, it's somewhere near Ampang, i'll ask my sister for the exact location.

Yealoh eunice, i wanted to do something to my hair dee, very freakingly long and frizzy and ugly