Sunday, June 28, 2009

New in July

Updates on Stephanie's.

I'm addicted to polymer clay roses, i think they're so pretty to be wore on wrist, especially in ivory colour, they goes well with any outfit, don't you think so?


and the polymer clay cupcake charms are up for sale now, are you excited? I am!

Kreative blogger award

Okie dokie, I've got another award and I am freaking happy about it. Thanks Jerine, love you lots lots!

So, here goes, 7 most predictable things I love,

1. Crafts - I love everything that is related to DIY especially making things that are not useful at all (Pete put it this way).

2. Stuffed toys - another thing that has no purpose at all, except for collecting dust in my room, i bought them and love them because they're too cute to stay in the shops, they deserve to be display in my room.

3. Coffee - I'm addicted to it. I've tried not to drink coffee in the morning and i doze off all the way during work, therefore, no coffee no work.

4. Pets - I just love it, especially dogs and bunnies. I love my pet doggie so much and i treat her like my daughter, thats y she's having all kinds of supplements and the best dog food that i can find in the shops.

5. Monopoly - I collect them and I always ask friends & family to buy me monopoly whenever they're out of Malaysia. Oh, Dave liow, you owe me a monopoly from Tokyo, i don't care, u must buy for me!

6. Cows - Only cows pattern and cartoon cows, not the real cows though. Everyone knows i like cow, in fact, I've been getting cow related gifts every year :) Hui darling bought me a zebra patterned hanger which she claimed is cow, it's zebra loh!

7. My family - I love them dearly, who doesn't love their family? Jasmine doggie and Pete are my family too.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jasmine makes my heart melts


She's too cute, i can't help it!

I NEED TO DRAGGED MYSELF TO BED, i've been sleeping very late, and addicted to coffee like nobody's business!

Do you think i can wake up at 8am for badminton tomorrow? Pete always need to literally drag me out of bed every morning...sounds like abuse. There're a few times I over slept and my phone was shut and the alarm clock was no where found, luckily Pete has my house keys, or else I'll be sleeping from sunset to sunrise then to sunset again.

Polyclay night with the girls

I was very excited,everyone was very excited! But the excitement has turned into something really unpredictable. Read on then you'll know..

Polymer clay class of 2009. Venue : YT's apartment

Student :YT from mywarmnest. She was kind enough to let us use her apartment :P

Student : Eunice from let me be me ,I guess she was the most excited one because she did homework before coming.

Student : Jerine from madstyle. She was the late one, but simply talented.

Student :Pete, he didn't want to make polymerclay at 1st, but he as he sat around and realised no one is talking to him (everyone is concentrating on their projects), he made a yellow mushroom and later he made another Lego man.

Pete's lego man, has yet completed, missing the right arm

Student : YM, he also didn't planned to play with polymer clay, but YT dare him he can't do any, so he ended up making Elmo.

Individual projects

Our group project. YT did the basket, Jerine did the leafs and I did the bee, but all of us did the roses together, it was really tedious loh!

Then it was 12am and we were all very tired and hungry and thirsty, so we went out for supper while leaving the clays to be baked in the oven. Since the clay needs about 40-60 minutes to be ready....

we were all very hippie and joking about the oven might explode...we were still very happy when we went back to YT's..............but......

arrrggggghhhhhh!!!! i didn't double check the temperature and didn't know it was 200 degree C instead of 135 degree C. For the 1st time after so long of baking polyclay, I burnt my clay.

I felt so bad, i am so moody that night. I some more reassured them that the clay won't burn no matter how long we bake them.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Micheal Jackson -1958-2009

OMG! this is such a shocking news! When i came to office this morning and I read as usual, to know that Micheal Jackson has died! What is this?! I remember telling Pete that if next time Micheal Jackson comes to Malaysia for concert, I'll definitely go no matter how...and I remember saying it'll be once in a life time.........there goes my hope.

Why why why?? why do you have to died so young? I haven't seen u in person yet leh...i hate you!

Read the stories here.

She made me so happy

Since I've started Stephanie's, it was just a place for me to display and sell my handmade jeweleries, I never expect anything at all, and of course I never thought i could making extra money from there.

I believe the biggest gain from having Stephanie's is not how much I've earn per month, but all the new friendships I've earned. Like for example, YT & Jerine and Eunice too, though I've known her during MMU's time but I've never gone out with her, so I'll see this a new friendships.

Other than this, I must mentioned her, she encouraged and always give me compliments even before I've started Stephanie's, she is Marina from . I never met her in person, but she always left compliments on my design and I bet she never knew that these compliments meant a lot to me, like this one,

**Can you believe me, I saw today this bracelet on her owner :))) And I have to tell you that in “person” this bracelet looks so posh and elegant. Picture can’t capture all beauty of this bracelet. The owner was wearing red color blouse and black color pants – so classy and so eye-catching. Hey, Steph, you definitely know how to put all this tiny pieces together :) You go girl! **

she was referring to this design,

Marina has a online shop which sells BEAUTIFUL beads and findings and charms and a lot of things. She constantly update the shop with BEAUTIFUL semi-precious gemstones, I love her wide selection of gem-stones, and they are all very BEAUTIFUL.

Noticed I've mentioned 3 times BEAUTIFUL ? That is because I really think they are very BEAUTIFUL, i bought all my gem stones from her and if you're making handmade jewelries, I strongly recommend

She's having free delivery now, how cool is that?

oh, did i mentioned that she sells polymer clays too ? I just love her shop so much, not only i can get all the jeweleries making supplies, but also my craft supplies. In a nutshell, Marinacraft has everything i need for crafts.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jasmine baby

This is a proof to show that I have a doggie which looks like a teddy bear. Does she reminds you of the teddy bears we used to see in Lovely Lace?


Dad & Sheena picked me up from 1U on friday night and we bought durians for supper. Looks like someone is eager to join us. Jasmine didn't get any bite of durian because we don't know if it's bad for her or not.

Therefore, we put carrots on the empty durian skin (or whatever you call that), and tricked her that she's eating what we're eating. She totally buy it! hahahaaa!


Chilling inside the house on a burning hot afternoon. Weather these days is so hot, might be due to the haze?


Picture taken in the bus, mainland used to be visible.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy's day lunch

I'll call it Daddy's day everyday. Since Mommy had left, my relationship with Daddy has grown closer, we joke, we discuss and we laughe at stupid things together. I love him so much!

Sheena and I brought him to Delicious for lunch.

You might have seen Delicious in the mall, but this one has it's own building and valet parking service.

I literary yelled over thier birdcaged-light deco, SOOOO pretty!

I like their ceiling deco too!

Please don't get jealous over my handsome hero daddy.

After all the trips to the beach, I'm so much tanner.

Steph : I want fill my room with birdcaged-lights and white tree branches.
Sheena: You idiot! why not rear a few crows to deco your branches?
Steph :Shut up!

If you like what you've had in their cafe, you can purchase the ingredients and try to make them at home.

You can get almost everything here, different types of cheese, chocolates, coffee beans, rice and even fresh fruits & organic vegetables.

Prices here are pretty reasonable.


I couldn't get rid of this bad habit of mine, I judged a place with its bathroom. This place is 5 stars!

The bathroom is fabulous, smells good and ........

with full length mirrors!


Wear of the day : Frosty purple rose cabochon ring from Stephanie's & oxidized silver ball chain toggle bracelet from Guess. I'm a proud owner!

Quote of the day

If you pray for patience,
will God give you patience or He'll give you the OPPORTUNITY to be patience ?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tagged : 10 things about Steph

I haven't been tagged for like centuries, and seriously, more tagged post are like super donkey long, so long, who would read it unless he/she is interested in you!

YT gave me a Blog Award Tag which I'm suppose to list down 10 things about myself, ha! as easy as pee.

here goes...10 things about Steph,

1. Steph do not eat fish or anything that has that stinky fish smell, but LOOOOVEs Scott's Emulsion. beware, she likes only the original flavour, not this orange one which tasted like antibiotic syrup,yuck!

2. Steph has a hero in her heart , which is her dad. She always thinks her dad looks like a gangster because of the long scar on his face.

3. Steph loves Monster Inc. to death! which makes her go crazy for everything that is Monster Inc. related.

4. Steph wears bracelet/ring/necklace every time she leaves the house, or else she don't feel complete.

5. Steph has a dog which looks like a teddy bear.

6. Steph owns more than 100 bags.
7. Steph loves things that are related to the nature, especially leafs,grass,flowers, blue blue sky and the sea.
8. Steph has a thing to cute guys (who doesn't?) but has found her cutest guy and has kidnapped him.
9. Steph collects Monopoly.
10. Steph is getting married at the age of 28, kekekeekekekekee!!

Father's day cards

Presenting 2 handmade cards made by Pete and I, guess which one is mine ^_^






I'm excited!!! Because I'm going home tomorrow evening ^_^

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

This should be a quicky, because I'm in bed getting ready to my crafty dreamland.


This little turtle was overwhelmed that he literary stood up, reminds me of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, where turtles were the superheroes. I wonder, why people likes to relate super heroes to animal, like spiderman, batman and etc. Not all super heroes have super strength, like for example, my HERO DADDY, he is my super hero!

Father's day is near, let your daddy be your hero! Speaking about Father's day, I've kinda convinced Pete to make his dad a card, alright alright, not convinced, but kinda forced him to make one, he did a pretty good job in the end.


Project on going, while forcing Pete to make card, I made one for my hero too....YT buzzed me in gmail just now, I can see she's pretty excited about our polyclay charms.


My my my, did i mentioned about this new fold-able table Pete got for me, it's super super useful. After all the mumblings about not having a place for polymer clay, he finally bought me one. Its fold-able, so when i'm not using it, i can fold it and keep it somewhere else. You know, it's not like I make polymer clay all the time, neither do i make cards everyday, so ya, this table is just the right thing for me. It will never take up any space, BECAUSE IT CAN BE FOLDED.

I think I'm over excited abou it and it's so affordable, only RM29.90 from Giant.

*Father's day cards will be posted later*


Been reading a lot, and they said the best way to promote your jewelries is to wear it on yourself, so here I am wearing my own designs. I'm a proud owner, I am!

*ei?? I thought this was supposed to be a quicky? I'm such a long winded person*

Monday, June 15, 2009

Felt project

I bought a few felt cloth in the shades of blue and made these brooches.I probably will write a tutorial for this when I have more free time :)

I've make polymer clay rose in sky blue in the center and shades of blue felt cloth together.

I thought of making a bow tie collar for Jasmine, this one might be cute enough for her!

It fits perfectly with the lil black Naraya pouch Sheena bought for me from Bangkok.

It's so cute, looks like the pouch is wearing a bow tie. **steph's trying to imagine how it'll looks like on Jasmine**

Pictures were taken on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, they turned out so nice, i didn't even need to photoshop the pictures. The sun is always the best light source, that's so true loh!

Meanwhile, guess what's coming up next on Stephanie's!??!?!


It's my favourite cupcakes! Since the previous batch of cupcakes has sold out, I've decided to make more, this time I've added some sparkles.