Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oh...I miss Jasmine so much!

I went back home again on Labour day's holiday, this time i car pooled with Sim and Pete drove. I kinda enjoyed the journey, though it was a long one.

I can't help but to post up more Jasmine's picture, i just love hugging her, she's like a piece of brown, moving, face licking fur toy.

She grew fatter because daddy loves to feed her food, especially cream crackers.

She loves her fresh clean bed, if we hasn't wash her bed for weeks, she won't even bother going in.

I love her being busy body, she will check out anything you do, make sure she don't miss any single moment, even when Sheena's doing her laundry.

She looks weird, like flying dumbo

I tied her ears with rubber band to allow better air ventilation, cockers are prone to ear infections due to droopy ears. Of course she didn't like it la, she shake it off after awhile, then i tie again, then she shake it off again, i repeated again and again until she didn't want to come near me, hahahaha! Cute little walking brown fur ball.

Yesterday was really happy, I've received a package of vintage charms from US which I've been longing for ages, it took donkey years to reach here! I'll post up pictures when i have more time ya.

I've been really busy lately, be it at work or at home, I don't seem to have enough time for myself.


I'll be in Langkawai watching sunset in the beach, reading my story book and drinking Ribena. Next week it is, I'm damn sure I need a holiday, been too busy with work and Stephanie's especially.


YT said...

If you ever bring her down to Penang, bring it over to my place k? She's cute!

stephanie said...

hahahaa!! Yes, she's cute, but i don't think she'll be in penang unless i have my own house ...

ask ym to get one for you la, he likes doggie too

YT said...

:( Ya, YM has a photo of ur Jesmine! Erm... but nope, I am not allowing any pets at this moment becos we can't afford it!

stephanie said...

keke, i think he has more, he's been taking picture of jasmine last time :)

ohh, i understand that, you're feeding your condo now, don't worry, you'll have it one day :)