Friday, May 22, 2009

Busy Busy

I' ve been really busy, and i don't know why !!! I will upload pictures of Langkawi-runway holiday pretty soon ,because sorting up hundreds of pictures are tiring!

WF-Stephanie-Nikki-Sue.My favourite picture of all!

Weekend will gonna be packed, I have a couple of things to settle and few places to visit, mostly pet shops, hahaaha! Because Irene told me there's this really big pet shop in Penang, KW-PET HOUSE, which she claimed has a lot of tortoises. Peter's gonna be real happy here!

and...i'm definitely making a trip to Mainland, i wanted to get Grey's Anotomy season 5 from Sim! So sim, you better finish up S5 before i go, and please teach Lucky how to sit lah!

Anyways, I'm trilled that Sheena is coming to Penang nextweek for her training and staying over for a night at my place. We go watch movie okie dokie?

...and Duncan is coming back in July and we're in the midst of planning our little trip with "da-friends" up the hill. I just can't wait!

Thats all for lids are getting heavier...

I've baked cookies yesterday

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