Saturday, April 04, 2009

New Arrival of Cabochon flowers & feligree

I've been longing for these for so long, I finally decided to purchase some from . I can find loads of pretty things from, but shipping is a little bit pricey and also due to currency conversion rate, most of the items are relatively expensive.


These flowers are called Cabochon flowers, they're made of high quality acrylic with perfect carftmanship. I can' stop indulging myself into these, love every bits of it!


There are rose, sakura and chrysanthemum cabochons in different sizes and colours.


Have you heard of Russian Matryoshka doll, I think they're fabulous, these are called cameo charm pendants.


These are feligree ring base, I plan to attach cabochon flowers to make really beautiful rings. It'll be up for sale at Stephanie's pretty soon, don't go away ya :)


Cute acrylic golden ribbons, they're free from the seller, sweet isn't it?


Ciyou said...

they looks lovely~~ yup, i agree etsy have lots of nice stuffs but the shipping cost some times are like....too expensive

stephanie said...

yes yes, shipping is expensive :)