Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My baby Jasmine

I pretty much stayed in bed for the past 2 days, was down with fever, headache, cough, flu and muscle ache. I can't get down from bed because i felt so dizzy and drowsy. On Tuesday, I woke up and realized i can't even walk properly, so i called Peter and told him i can't work today and asked him to fetch me to clinic at lunch so i can get a MC and some medicines.

This was what happened, i waited for almost 1 hour because i had to wait for the doctor to come back from lunch,the conversation went like this,

Me : Can you please write me an MC for today, i can't work.
Doctor :Why ? (me : DUH, i was so drowsy i can't even walk properly, how to work?!!?!?)
Me : Because I can't work, I am so drowsy and my head feels so heavy, I can't even see properly.
Doctor : But it's already 12 noon, you can't assume a doctor will give u MC.
Me : You mean i should come earlier?
Doctor : What time you start work?
Me :8am
Doctor : You see, it's already 12 noon now, why do you think a doctor should give u MC?
Me : But i can't even walk properly and i had to wait for someone to fetch me.
Doctor : You see, you shouldn't assume a doctor will give you a MC. (me: i don't f**king care if you will give me a MC or not, the fact is i'm so sick that i can't even get out of bed, and i can't work, i will apply for annual leave then)
Me : But i'm so sick and i can't work, i can't even drive myself to work, and i can't see why u shouldn't give me a MC.
Doctor : I'll give u a MC, don't worry, but next time, don't assume a doctor will give u a MC. If you go for an interview, you can't say that you're late because no-one fetch you. (Me :what's MC gotta do with an interview? I'm sick and i can't drive nor walk out of house, but for interview i can take a cab if no-one fetch me!!!)
Me :OK, i'll make sure next time i come before my work start .Thanks

Despite the doctor looks quite handsome, but his attitude irritates me. Whatever, i still prefer the other older doctor who is soft spoken and more informative, who listen to my problem and explain why this and that rather that questioning me.

So yeah, summary, never go for handsome & young doctors, they question you and made your day bad, older &mature doctors are more comfortable and helpful.

Whatever is it, I'm feeling much better now but still having cough and running nose, my head's still a little bit dizzy and heavy. Here are some Jasmine's pictures I've taken last weekend, despite having infection at the most unfavorable area, she appeared to be as cheerful and joyful as ever, i admire her so much, by just looking at her pictures, it makes me smile.

At her usual place, waiting for cream crackers.

Pictures are a bit dark, because i didn't on the flash.

Sometimes, i think she thinks she's not a dog, she often sits like human.

Jasmine loves the blanket and pillow, it's sheena's...kekeke!

Trying to have her afternoon nap.

I like these pictures the most, she actually looked at the camera and posed.

Cute hor?

She was trying to steal my food from the table.


eunice said...

sigh, y the doctor so funny wan... ==' crap.

Stephanie meiyu said...

yes, crappy, still wanna lecture a sick person.

YT said...

Haha, the doctor is bored and he is trying to get some chat with u...

Stephanie meiyu said...

nah YT, he's not trying to chat with me, he was totally lecturing me, like a teacher to a student. If next if i'm sick, and i see him again, i'll pretend i'm all well and ready to go back..

narrowband said...

I think you shouldn't start the conversation with an MC-request. The MC topic should come at later part of your visit, like just about to leave the room. This is about communication. He's just irked by the fact you treated him like an MC-dispenser, going to him only when you need MC. Though that's a fact, doctors study so hard to be in that seat to treat patients, not to fill up MC and sign it. Anybody can do that, it's not difficult at all. So it's kind of like an insult to him.

You should have let him assess your sickness/illness first (even though you damn sure u know what your problem was) and said you tried to come into office in the morning and thought you could finish off some important task for the day, but it seems like you're feeling worse now and [Start of Optional extra info]since the task in office is completed (or at least the crucial bit has been completed)[End Of Optional Extra Info], youve decided to get your colleague to send u to the clinic and for some medical attention. After he's checked you, then politely ask for an MC. That's communication 101 for you... You can get things done either way (same outcome - u still get an MC), but with less frustration.

Hope you've fully recovered by now, Steph... You can tell i'm damn bored. When you coming to visit me!

stephanie said...

david liow.......of course i didn't start the conversation with an MC request laa, takkan i write down every lines of my conversation about my sickness la, how the doctor say my blood pressure is normal, a bit feverish and etc meah?!

This MC conversation held when i was about to leave the room.

narrowband said...

hahahaha ;pPppp yes! write those oso ma. u know many people concern bout u ma. blood level, body temperature, etc.

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahahaha, yea right david :P still as crapy as usual, i thought u should be more yeng dee?