Monday, April 13, 2009

For turtles, I went to Pantai Keracut

Alright, i might be rather active in hiking a year ago, when i was still studying and i still had my best-friend called "stamina" with me. But as time passes and obsession of my current hobby, I never went to hiking anymore.

Last weekend, I hiked to Pantai Keracut because someone said I'll see baby turtles. I kinda regretted in the morning where I had to get up at 6am and wished I didn't promised to go.

Beginning of the journey was bad, I cursed I'll never go again, because i was panting in and out, my legs were shaking and I wished I was in bed . It was a Saturday morning, okay!! I should have get up at slightly later than my usual time and had a nice breakfast with Peter.

All these cursing and wishes mysteriously gone when i saw baby turtles, it was amazing! They were so duper cute!


They have big heads and broad arms (I don't know what's the proper name for it)


I just love the way they swim, cutest thing I've ever seen loh!





Going to bed now and will be dreaming of turtles.....


YT said...

I'm going next weekend. Yay, I will get to see the turtles! It's worth the hike, I think!

Stephanie meiyu said...

yes YT, the starting was exhausting, the rest was easy :)


jeewei said...

Mmm..looks good for satay? Just kidding..! :P

I'm curious too. What're their er..hands called? Flippers? Fins? Mojos? It's almost as long as its own body. I think they can fly, or glide. Secretly, when no one was watching. :)

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaaha, Jee Wei, you have a super duper imaginary mind loh! No one can relate a turtle to flying, u're the only one, hahaha!