Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Daddy's in bali

Daddy had sent me pictures of his Bali (Indonesia) trip, by Uncle Chan, one of his mountain climbing kaki. Of all, these caught my attention and made my day ^_^


I have seen mother cat breast feeding her babies, but never seen pigs doing it. Those piglets were soooo cute!!!!


Now, this is definitely my favourite!!!

Who say animals of different families can't be friends?
This reminds me of Sheena and Jasmine, monkey is Sheena while cat is Jasmine, during the "fleas-picking-process" .


sheena said...

monkey is sheena?

stephanie said...

yes, monkey is sheena, because he looks like u when u're picking fleas from jas :P

narrowband said...

Hi Sheena :p

stephanie said...

hahahaahahahaa!! dave, good one!

sheena said...

wuakoakoa goue! (means "hi, david" in monkey language) :p