Sunday, April 05, 2009

A crafty evening with Sean

Saturday night is my polyclay night ,i usually do it alone because Peter had shown no sign of interest, and this time Sean joined me. It was so much more fun to have had make polymer clay with someone, we chatted and making fun of each other's.

Though it was really tiring, you know, having your eyes to focus on such tiny things, I'll still love to have more session like this (yes, Sean?)


It was really funny how he tried to make a rabbit and ended up a mini cooper. It was Sean's 1st time yet he could make something so delicate, talented huh? I asked him to make me a Kembara.


Mini cooper drifting on the board.


I've made cupcakes in pastel colours.


The messy scene.


It was pretty late after we've baked the clay, and we were so tired already, so he left the glossing part to me and we went out for supper with Peter. I glossed everything after supper, couldn't wait till tomorrow.


The artist of mini-mini-cooper, Sean Boon


Joan said...

so cute the mini cooper~~~

stephanie said...

Yes Joan, it's really very cute :)

PurpleCollection said...

wow! very impressive handmade!! great job!

Agnes Sim said...

so nice... ;-) i like do crafting with someone also. :p