Thursday, March 26, 2009

wire wrapped rings

I've been wanted to make these for ages, I just don't know where to find suitable wires until I found the perfect package from Wendy Sue, the perfect package means, suitable wires and tutorials.

When the wires arrived, i can't wait to try out, here's my 2 virgin wire wrapped rings.

Using glass pearl,

Polymer clay rose, i love this one! The only problem is that these rings couldn't fit into any of my fingers except for my pinky which i find it's pretty weird to wear such big ring on that lil finger.

I don't have a proper ring mandrel, therefore I've use a marker pen instead. No wonder it's so small.

During the photography of these rings, I've discover an amazing way to display my rings, something like this, where the ring is at upright position,


This is the secret behind,


Simply stick it onto a plastercine like material, if you use plastercine, the chances of it staining your rings are high, besides plastercine will not hold heavier rings. Therefore I've used this,


Faber Castell removable gums, available in any stationery shops,


Press the ring slightly downwards and it will hold it as long as i live.


It is so sticky that it can even hold the ring in 45 degree.


There are a lot of times when we were so reluctant to throw away pretty chocolate boxes, you can keep it and use it for your ring display, especially good for those who sells at bazaars.


I couldn't find a chocolate box, or else i would have a box of rings, sounds good?


~charng said...

really really pretty girl... LOVE EM!

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thanks Charng Yee :)