Friday, March 06, 2009

A simple card

I've been really exhausted this week, I had the most number farewell lunch and dinner in a week. Like i said, Spansion is going to have a major lay off and nobody knows who's in the list, we have no clues at all!

Every single one is packing up their things, taking pictures like as if we will be all leaving next week, sucks right? They're mentally torturing us! We had no mood to work at all, or I should say, most of the projects have been put on hold.

I think i'm just being too optimistic, kept thinking Spansion might recover very soon and retrenchment will not occur. Yet, Peter said I'm just being naive, maybe I am. Some might feel lost, not sure what's their future might be, but I guess mine is pretty much set, I'm going back to school and I'll bring Stephanie's a step further.

So, yeah, having a little bit of depression and too much outings over the week, I'm feeling so tired right now, my eyes could literally pop out, but i just can't sleep well :(

Meanwhile, I've done a simple card for my customer to go along with the bracelet for her friend,

these pretties will be up for sale on Stephanie's very soon.

Good night :)

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