Sunday, March 29, 2009

My rubber dinasaurs

I'm always attracted to cute decorations, especially it's for home or room. I went to Giant the other day and they were having garage sales, so I dug through the big piles of things and found these rubber dinosaurs, only RM1 for 1 !!!


I've put them along with my picture frames, they are just too cute!


The faces are friendly too


I guess these rubber dinosaurs will probably be staying with me for awhile only, it'll end up Jasimini's toys.


Remember my plasticine cupcakes I've made before buying polymer clay, I kept them nicely in a plastic box.


YT said...

I wish my house is as clean, tidy and nice as your room. But it wasn't. Bah!

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaahaa, my room can be very very messy at times, i just didn't show it :P

ask YM to clean up for you, haahaha!

sheena said...

i like the smiley face one, the one with teeeeeeth....

Anonymous said...

then u should consider buy the PLEO Panasonic the dinasour as your pet. it is more cutier and you can play with it is just like a real pet

stephanie said...

sheena fong, i like those smiling faces too, thats y i bought them :P

hi anony,yes, i've heard of PLEO, love it but it's pricey, i still prefer a real pet doggie, countless emotions and cute acts