Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mini Ipod

Thanks to the "great" weather, I'm down with flu and sorethroat.....I HATE FLU!! because i tends to be very tired and dizzy.

Care it or not, I'm a vitamin C addict when i have flu, i would drink everything with vitamin C, eat vitamin c pills and wollap the whole orange tree..ok, i can't find orange tree in Malaysia, so i'll finish up everything that contains vitamin C in my fridge.

before i go to bed, here's something i've made over the weekends...ipod on ipod.I was trying to hang it to my ipod video, but i couldn't find the hook.


I'm gonna tuck myself into my blanket and reads my book while watching Fly Boy .


Ciyou said...

i'm having flu too~~ but i was too lazy to eat vit C but I get doc medicine this time. It recover faster but I know it is not that good. Rest more and drink more warm water. Good creation you have there

Stephanie meiyu said...

Gosh, did the virus spread through internet? hahaha, we're down with the same virus :(

thanks ciyou, i am thinking to do image transfer, it'll be really fun to see miniature cell phone models ya :)

YT said...

Hey pretty, take care. I hate flu but I am super flu-proned. Zero immune towards that scary virus and it doesn't have to be spread. It jus... erm... appear from no where. Anyway, take care :D

stephanie said...

hahahaha, you're so cute :) thanks, u take care too