Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm in dilemma- should it be Nokie E71?

As most of my close friends know, my old, loyal O2 mini has been giving me loads of problem. That includes , auto-off without notification, unable to receive calls and texts (sometimes), unable to on after auto-off (sometimes), and for some lulu reason, my sim card could not be detected!


I was ignoring it and denied that my cell phone's time is up, until someone complained---->super hero dad. Okay la, he didn't directly complained about it, he was trying to text me if I've reached Penang safely but his texts somehow didn't reach me and mine didn't reach him, so he called and said very little words..

I don't particular like to do surveys or researches on cell phones as well as lappie. I bought my Macbook because it's Apple and it's in white. I hate it when i need to get a new phone, i don't have a list to choose from, and i never ever walked in a phone shop just to check out the latest phone.


The urge of buying Nokie E71 didn't popped out just like this, I saw Hui's and I love it! In addition, Jian told me it comes with white colour too, I was trilled! I never bother to search for other models, because there are too many and I don't know where to start.

Its irony, when my dad asked if i wanted a PDA for my 22nd birthday ( my 25th birthday has passed ), i asked for O2 mini which cost RM2400 and i didn't feel a thing. When it comes to buying a RM1400 cell phone with my own money, I hesitated!

I'm still in dilemma and Peter has warned me to get a new phone by this week..HOW?


Vivien said...

hey, my bf using it, the features are quite good but one thing, the camera sucks big time, couldn't take photo of good quality always look dark or a bit off.

If you not bother bout camera, it is ok

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thanks Vivien for the feedback, I guess it doesn't really matter, i prefer to use a camera which i can adjust the ISO and aperture :)

jeewei said...

HTC is the way to go. The new Touch Pro looks great. Comes with a keypad, GPS, and what's more, I'm using a HTC too. :)

Gonna miss seeing your old phone around.

Stephanie meiyu said...

Jeewei, sweats! I'm in dilemma whether to buy or not, not which phone to buy. Besides, i know HTC is good, but it's too expensive i think :)