Sunday, March 22, 2009

DIY light box

As i was complaining about my bad quality pictures, i blamed it all to the bad lighting in my room and don't have a SLR camera, someone advise me to give a light-box for macro photography, which will give a even lighting to my pictures.

I went to search from the for light-box set, comes with a lightbox, 2 flash lights and a camera tripod. It's not that expensive for the set, about USD$40 - USD$100, but the shipping will cost me more than the lightbox itself.

Then sim send me a link to DIY my own lightbox which cost less than RM10, click here for a free tutorial.

Here's mine, i took a pasta machine box and transformed it into a light box.



I took my Ikea bought table lamp and put it on top of my light box instead of the side. If you have 2 flash lights, u might wanna put them on each side left & right, it'll have a better lighting effect.

Here's an example of using light box and not using light box.


This one taken without the light-box but with the light. noticed the brighter and lighter spots, because the lights are not evenly spread.


This one was taken in the light box, looks better, but not perfect. If only i have 2 more flash lights for left and right, it'll be perfect :)


Joan said...

hi stephanie, great job! going to make 1. u're using only tracing paper? i found some tutorial used white fabric instead.

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thanks Joan, yes, i'm using tracing paper only, because i don't have white fabric. I'm not sure if there's any difference, maybe white fabric might have better result..

Ciyou said...

looks cool~~ I saw this tutorial some time ago~ but didnt manage to do them bcoz i didnt have any table lamp at my home.

If it really works, I shall consider go to buy 2 table lamps and do it

Stephanie meiyu said...

The light box didn't really cost a lot, but table lamps. Maybe you should try borrowing someone's table lamp and try 1st.

Camera flash light also can

Wendy said...

Hie Stephanie,

This is really great news for me :) been searching high and low for this technique and now u've linked it. Thanks so so so much ya!! Really grateful for it :)

Stephanie meiyu said...

hi wendy, you're welcome :)

narrowband said...

You are good!!