Saturday, March 07, 2009

A day to remember in Spansion

Today, 700 person left Spansion. I wasn't one of them.

I have nothing much to say, I'm just too exhausted to think any further.

I will miss those faces i used to see when i go to work, and the laughters we used to have.

GOSH, i feel like crying again!


Duncan said...

Dear Steph,

Its definately sad to see people around you go for some stupid mistake others do :(

Think about it this way, you still will be in Penang to see the gang :)

stephanie said...

thanks duncan. It's sad but i'm fine :P

eunice said...

It's sad... the people around u suddenly gone like that. :'( take care.

ChiawYin said...

Times are bad, and the worst is yet to come. Stay strong :)

ruiyun said...

So scary wan? What about other companies?

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thanks girls :) I'm feeling fine.