Saturday, March 21, 2009


These buttons are totally unexpected. When I went to Sunshine square to get my felt cloth, i saw trays and trays of buttons! It was lunch time and I totally spent 30 minutes looking through the trays and found a bag of amazing vintage buttons.


These are the normal buttons, but I love the colours.


These are the vintage buttons, wooden buttons too ^_^

I haven't done much shopping when I went back home, I spent more time with Jasmine then going out shopping. Anyhow, I've written a list of items I wanted to get from Art friends and Craft haven, but the trip to Art friend was rather disappointed, couldn't get anything from my list but only glass glue that dries clear.


this cute wire basket was bought from Daiso the curve, i love it so much, it's shape reminds of those giant clay pot. RN5 only


..and 3 sweet printed ribbons. RM5 each


Headed to IKEA to get a table lamp for my desk. RM 19.90 +RM16.90(bulb)


Oh, this one is super useful, now I can place my things without cramped up my table. You know how many things i have and how tiny my pathetic wooden desk is. ONLY RM12, from IKEA too, i highly recommend this one to organize your desk and selves. They come in 2 sizes, this one is a smaller one.

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