Sunday, March 01, 2009

Addicted to rubber stamps carving

Inspired by colorscity, I love her hand carved rubber stamps. I wanted to have something like that too, so i tried carving a few of it today and I'm addicted to it!

These rubber stamps are craved from erasers, pretty fun to play with :)

I've tried to make a simple card with these,


first i stamp and draw,


then i colour,


tied a ribbon on top and "booom" there goes my simple handmade stamped card. This was a roughly done card, just to try out the ideas.

Here are more designs i've done using my freshly carved rubber stamps.



I've used these stamps on my handmade paper bag for Stephanie's too,


Despite the major lay off in Spansion (for those who don't know, Spansion will be having major lay off next week, i might be jobless next week), I went to Gurney to spend all my money in my purse on crafty items. I don't care, i need a retail therapy !

I was pretty upset that i couldn't get any nice beads from Phuket and couldn't find any craft stores around! Aside from that, I had sun burn on my face and it's quite obvious, that the custom officer from Phuket was smiling "one kind" to me! I had to spent over RM100 of Whitening masks from Waston and still not sure if they work.

so, I went to Gurney's Lovely Lace, bought so much papers from them, I just love the vintage flower prints from moof . They're relatively cheaper compare to those papers I bought from scrapbook stores, example, Papier.




Price ranging from RM1.50 - RM4.90, cheap huh?

...and i bought stickers from MPH, couldn't resist !


price ranging from RM4.50 -RM6.90

I bought these earlier from BJ complex, chinese buttons and shoe laces. I love these cherry prints in white and black, they're too cute aren't they?



Ciyou said...

Yeah, carving stamps are so unstopable, I can carve whole day for several patterns and end up have a back ache.

Yeah~~ I saw those moof gift wrappers too, but some places like klcc sell so expensive. I found mph selling in a cheaper price

You like at Penang?

Stephanie meiyu said...

very true, i have backache too , hahaha!

Yes, i'm working in penang currently, I'm from KL, living in Sungai Buloh ^_^

Oh, really? Lovely lace and MPH are selling at RM4.90 - RM6.90 (those velvet like papers) .

The paper quality is not bad you know, double sided prints and such :)

eunice said...

getting more creative :D

Stephanie meiyu said...

indeed eunice :) when my job has given me so much free time nowadays.

Agnes Sim said...

where is Gurney's Lovely Lace? i like those paper.

Stephanie meiyu said...

HAHA agnes, i meant Lovely Lace from Gurney Plaza. I believe you can get those papers from MPH, POPULAR or LOVELY LACE. They're really nice, i love them so much :)