Monday, March 30, 2009

Glass pebbles pendant tutorial

If you like vintage goodies, you must love this one! I've made a matching bracelet to the necklace, love every bits of it !!

vintage victoria

As I've promised, I'll show a tutorial on how to make these fabulous pendants.All you need is a pair of scissors, glass glue (make sure it's dry clear), clear pebbles and patterned papers.


Place the pebbles to the desired pattern and draw circles,


cut the drawn circles, i usually cut them slightly smaller,


It'll look like this,


Apply small amount of glue onto the papers,


Press the pebbles to the paper as hard as possible, then wipe off the excessive glue,


Let it dry for at least 24 hours, it might seems dry after a couple of minutes, but I prefer to play safe, i'll let it dry for 24 hours at least.


There, your pebbles are done, you can make about any pattern you like.


Lastly, you've gotta glue a bail onto it, since i don't have a bail, so i glue a round charm which has the same size as the pebble.

On the other hand, i made wire wrapped rings with these pebble pendants. It's easy, just make button wire wrapped ring, then glue the pebble onto it, see..

ring ring

It's nice, but i think my wire wrapping skill is terrible, the pebbles appeared to be too big.


Other than just flowers, I've cut out Swatch watch faces and make them into pebble pendants.


..and turned it into keychain, so cute right? Looks like a little Swatch watch dangling from the keys.

Vintage looking necklace

I'm gonna brag about this necklace tomorrow, and maybe the tutorial on how to make this.It's pretty simple and fun to do, you'll love it!

Because i love this so much, especially the fading effects of the rose pendant, simply classy! I've been wearing since morning.

So, babes, stay tuned!

IMG_4030 copy

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My rubber dinasaurs

I'm always attracted to cute decorations, especially it's for home or room. I went to Giant the other day and they were having garage sales, so I dug through the big piles of things and found these rubber dinosaurs, only RM1 for 1 !!!


I've put them along with my picture frames, they are just too cute!


The faces are friendly too


I guess these rubber dinosaurs will probably be staying with me for awhile only, it'll end up Jasimini's toys.


Remember my plasticine cupcakes I've made before buying polymer clay, I kept them nicely in a plastic box.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Handmade Easter invitation cards

Phewww!! Finally finished up a whole load of handamde invitation cards for the coming Easter party.



With the help of Jon, Winnie & Peter :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

wire wrapped rings

I've been wanted to make these for ages, I just don't know where to find suitable wires until I found the perfect package from Wendy Sue, the perfect package means, suitable wires and tutorials.

When the wires arrived, i can't wait to try out, here's my 2 virgin wire wrapped rings.

Using glass pearl,

Polymer clay rose, i love this one! The only problem is that these rings couldn't fit into any of my fingers except for my pinky which i find it's pretty weird to wear such big ring on that lil finger.

I don't have a proper ring mandrel, therefore I've use a marker pen instead. No wonder it's so small.

During the photography of these rings, I've discover an amazing way to display my rings, something like this, where the ring is at upright position,


This is the secret behind,


Simply stick it onto a plastercine like material, if you use plastercine, the chances of it staining your rings are high, besides plastercine will not hold heavier rings. Therefore I've used this,


Faber Castell removable gums, available in any stationery shops,


Press the ring slightly downwards and it will hold it as long as i live.


It is so sticky that it can even hold the ring in 45 degree.


There are a lot of times when we were so reluctant to throw away pretty chocolate boxes, you can keep it and use it for your ring display, especially good for those who sells at bazaars.


I couldn't find a chocolate box, or else i would have a box of rings, sounds good?

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better -Adoption Drive

I don't care where do you come from, these dogs deserve a home!! Read their stories here, I'm crying and feeling so hopeless.


Adoption drive at NZX Mall, Ara Damansara on March 28th and 29th, 11.00am to 4.00pm.

Please drop by and adopt a loyal companion. I'm a living proof, Jasmine has given me a meaning to live my life colourful again after the death of my mommy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Polymerclay handphone charm

Short updates on Stephanie's,


Oh, one most important thing to announce before going to bed, had it's grand opening last week, loads of cute clothes brought to you by Alicia :)

Please, fast fast go visit her blogshop before they went out of stocks..

My Sassy Tank

Sunday, March 22, 2009

DIY light box

As i was complaining about my bad quality pictures, i blamed it all to the bad lighting in my room and don't have a SLR camera, someone advise me to give a light-box for macro photography, which will give a even lighting to my pictures.

I went to search from the for light-box set, comes with a lightbox, 2 flash lights and a camera tripod. It's not that expensive for the set, about USD$40 - USD$100, but the shipping will cost me more than the lightbox itself.

Then sim send me a link to DIY my own lightbox which cost less than RM10, click here for a free tutorial.

Here's mine, i took a pasta machine box and transformed it into a light box.



I took my Ikea bought table lamp and put it on top of my light box instead of the side. If you have 2 flash lights, u might wanna put them on each side left & right, it'll have a better lighting effect.

Here's an example of using light box and not using light box.


This one taken without the light-box but with the light. noticed the brighter and lighter spots, because the lights are not evenly spread.


This one was taken in the light box, looks better, but not perfect. If only i have 2 more flash lights for left and right, it'll be perfect :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Phuket photo updates -PART 2


In phuket, nights markets are really common, they are almost everywhere. These wooden bangles are really beautiful, all are hand painted, but it's too expensive.


They looked just like roti canai! Really delicious..


Our 1st dinner in Phuket, nothing special hor?! and didn't taste that good afterall. One lesson learned here is that never go to restaurant that is filled with angmoh. I don't remember the name of it, but i find it really funny, we were the only Asian in the restaurant and the only table who ordered local delicacies, others were eating pizza and so...


Later that night, we walked along the street and found a place hidden somewhere with a few local food stalls.


we bought mango salad and soup noodle. The soup noodle tasted a bit like tomyam but not spicy nor sour, mango salad was really good...i love it so much!


See, mangoes and others are sliced on the spot, even the soup was boiled on the spot too, i mean she literally put in spices into plain hot water to boil the soup, even the spices were not cut before hand, it was all on the spot. That explained why she took almost half an hour to prepare our noodle and salad. Though the stall was setup along the road, but i found it was like a mini kitchen, i wondered where she kept all the ingredients.


These were ready made, grilled fish, chicken wings, meat balls, sotong and etc. There was a charcoal stove at side just in case you wanted to heat up the food.


I believe there were dried sotong, never dare to go near because it looks creepy to me.


Having supper at the front foyer of the guest house.


On the next day, we rented motorbikes to go around Kata-Karon-Patong beach. Since both Peter and I don't have bike license, Alfonso and Fun each drove one and fetched us, kekeke!


Lets go!


Photo taken when Fun and I were overtaking Alfonso's.


We spent out afternoon bumping around the mall.


Gigantic durians found in the mall, these were really big, as big as my head, or maybe bigger


We were go around Kata-Karon-Patong beach with bikes, pleasant feeling, despite the hot burning sun. Patong beach is the most happening beach among all, loads of pubs, shops, cafes and nigh market as well. You can't miss this place, the beach is filled with umbrellas and pretty chics in bikinis...


When someone asked "How was Phuket ?" The 1st thing popped into my mind would be "HOT", its even hotter than Penang, a local told us that Phuket hasn't been raining for months. I can't imagine that, i had headache on the 1st day in Phuket. Just in case you didn't know, I'm prone to headache, especially on a hot day, a simply few minutes of walking under the hot sun will give me a headache. The only remedy is to cool down my body, therefore i was constantly drinking coke.


At night, we had seafood for dinner, it was along Karon beach, the pricing were reasonable.


This trip was supposed to be a budget trip, we never planned to have meal that cost more than 600 bath for 4 person. But since it was my birthday that day, we had seafood dinner that cost about 1700bath. Thank you guys :)


Flower crabs cooked in ginger.


Tiger prawns, my favourite my favourite!!


They were really big and affordable, about 130 bath per piece.

Thats about it, I'll upload more pictures from Phuket later. be continued...