Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You are so DEAD! Cockroach!

I've been warned that i might have company or rather companies before I moved to my current rented house. YES, you're so right, the companies are COCKROACHes.

I thought it won't be that bad, you know. I'm used to 1 or 2 cockroaches back at home. Simply whack them real hard with news paper, then roll it up and dump it to the front dustbin.

I had already killed THREE cockroaches for the pass 2 weeks, and I thought it wasn't a big deal, until................... fine night (which is tonight), I was washing up the dishes, a cockroach came right up from the basin hole!! With my ever-so-fast reflect, i jumped off, grab whatever chemical spray nearby ( it was a glass detergent), sprayed direction on to it....

....when i thought it was about to die, the 2nd cockroach came right up!!! Before I know what to do, THE 3RD ONE APPEARED...then to my horror the 4TH ONE joined the group!!!!!!!


....i knew sprays won't work this time, i POURED that bottle of detergent onto them!! I was relief when i saw them not moving anymore, i was already very exhausted.


..As i was cursing heaven and earth, scolding the cockroaches like as if I'm crazy, telling them how i would kill them and bla bla bla.....while doing my dishes again..

....THE 5TH COCKROACH appeared and was only inches away from my hand!!!!!!!!!! This time, my lungs, heart and liver fell off..!


I haven't seen so many cockroaches in a day, there goes my appetite! I literally felt like vomitting, and still feeling it now!

I am going to buy everything in the supermarket that kills domestic cockroaches tomorrow.

Dear cockroaches in steph's house :

If i don't kill you and your family and your ancestors, i will never call myself Stephanie Fong, for you have taken away my pair of lungs, a heart and a liver!



Kim Huey said...

I am chewing my maggie mee while reading your post. Now i regret my itchy hand on clicking your blog.........

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahahaa! I didn't eat my apple too, couldn't vollow through.

ChiawYin said...

OMGGGGG! I would have abandoned my house and ran away... they are so gross and creepy!

Stephanie meiyu said...

indeed chiaw yin, i feel like vomiting even when i talk about it :(