Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine's Day

Let me tell you how did i spend my Valentine's day...

8.00am : Got out of the bed, dragged myself to the bathroom
8.30am : Headed to Caroline's for breakfast, Palm Palladium is so so so secluded. Curry chicken is super duper yummy!

11.00am: Went to BJ to buy "Gem of life" and i can't wait to watch it.
11.30am: Came back home to continue my part-time work at Stephanie's. I have a lot of customization to finish up before i leave for Phuket.

2.30pm : Watched "High School Musical 3" while making jump rings bracelets.
5.00pm : Watched "Gem of Life" while making paper bags for my jeweleries. I taught Peter to how to make, so he could help me *evil grins*

7.30pm: Napped
8.00pm: Went for dinner at Jelutong where we ate tong sui. Thats out Valentine's dinner, i don't mind because I'm happy!

9.30pm: Came back home, continue my part-time at Stephanie's
11.00pm: Updated Stephanie's and Herbaltree

11.20pm: Watched "Gem of Life"
12.30pm: ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

* Obviously, Peter didn't plan anything for me because he knows i'm pretty busy with my part-time...*

Which means i should get upset over it, which means i should protest to him but instead, i never because i knew deep inside me that i don't need fancy flowers, or expensive dinner, as long as he's with me, I'm celebrating Valentine's

...and i know you must be thinking i'm so old school and such but hey, for the 1st time, I'm actually, really feeling that way!


Duncan said...

Happy Valentines Day Steph !

Stephanie meiyu said...

Happy valentine's day duncan!