Monday, February 16, 2009

Cupcake charms from polymer clay

I've bought a lot of polymer clay from US months ago, and I've been bragging that i would make cute lil polymer clay charms, so here it is. Not too well done but I'm happy with it, after all, it's my 1st time ya, so..

I didn't bother to take picture of my 1st cupcake, because it was a total disaster,like a piece of red shit on a white base cup, hahaha! Am gonna hang it in Peter's car anyway, he'll probably grumble all the way .

Here's my 2nd cupcake,


Not too perfectly done, if you can notice those red scrap on the white base. That's because i made the red cream top 1st before i make the white base, my hands had left over red glitters.
This one looks like a mushroom to me rather than a cupcake, isn't it?


Then i decorated my 3rd cupcake with strawberries, it's so hard to make it, especially the leaf, maybe because i have butter hands and i can't cope with tiny piny things.


My last cupcake of the day, I used translucent clay instead, it give transparent effect, but from the looks of it, not so transparent after all huh?

I glazed it all with gloss to mainly give the shinning effects, and to protect the clay from cracking and such.

I havent thought of how to use them yet, but i guess they're not a good choice for key chains, because they're rather fragile, cell phone charm maybe.


Fresh from the oven, before glossed.


Then i made a red butterfly pendant,


I'm already half way making the necklace using this butterfly pendant :)


Oh, I love this one a lot, I've used a clear pebble and a picture cut out from magazine, patched them black polymer clay.

So i guess thats all for now, they took my whole afternoon. Stay tuned for accesories using these polymer clay pendants and charms :)


Agnes Sim said...

those polymer clay need to bake one rite? how much u bought the clay? i use resin clay to make those items. ;-)

stephanie said...

yes, after when they're baked, they're very hard :)
I bought my polymer clay from US, but i've bought a few from malaysia, about RM9.++ for one piece

Anonymous said...

What was the brand of the polymer clay used?

Anonymous said...

Propably sculpey 3, fimo, craft smart or premo

Stephanie meiyu said...

hi there,

i use FIMO classic and sculpey, but i personally prefer sculpey