Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back to the reality

"Back to the reality" was the 1st line Peter said when we reached Penang International Airport.

Indeed, that 5 days in Phuket was like in paradise, though it was really really hot and i've got sun burn on my face., but ....i'll get into details later...

In phuket, I've been to the town,

walked by the beach,

climbed up the hill,

and of course posed with the elephant,

thats all for now, i will be posting more pictures later :)


YT said...

Tell me about it... I woke up on the last day of my Phuket trip hoping that the day never comes. Dread coming home :) Hehehe... Anyway, Phuket Fantasea rocks! But, you HAVE to come back cos I am still eagerly waiting for the bracelets :P

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaha, YT, sorry for the delay, they're done acutally, but was just too busy to attach a suitable charms.

will let u know onnce they're done, should be next week :)