Sunday, January 11, 2009

My green Banana

Remember Peter bought me a pair of red ear sliders ( green tortoise), i named them Banana & Bubble. It was said to be my tortoise but he took care of them all the time, feed, play, bathe them, but he loves doing it.

He loves them so much that he missed them very much when he was back in hometown. Can you imagine that? He cares for them so much, to the extend I convinced myself that he "WAS" a tortoise *evil grins*

I caught Banana having his daily dosage of UV lights, and i find it so cute !!!!

With ISO200 and don't know how much aperture.

with ISO200 and higher aperture (without flash though).

with the default setting of my camera, which i don't know how much ISO and aperture.

The fact that i find him so cute because he remained in the same position for quite awhile for me to capture him in different modes.

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