Monday, January 05, 2009

Doggie boots

My holidays were occupied by Jasmine, she'd suffered from fleas and ticks. Gosh, I have no idea where's on earth these stupids fleas came from. It was like a sudden attack, no matter how many hours we'd spent on picking fleas out of her, they multiplied a few times the next day.

So i brought her to the groomer to shave off her coat and did a de-flea treatment. Thank goodness, she's now as light as the feather and as happy as before, flea free!

I've been suspecting that she picked up flea-eggs from the park where she have her morning walk everyday. Sheena fong brought her 2 pairs of cotton doggie boots earlier to protect her paws from picking up flea-eggs. It didn't work though, she bit off all her boots.

Then i found something online which is very interesting. Rubber doggies boots, stretchable and tight-fitting. Now Jasmine will be having hard time bitting off the boots, and eventually she'll accept the fact that she needs to wear boots *evil grins*

These disposable doggie boots are from GollyGear, an US base online store which sells a lot of funny and interesting doggie's accessories.

Even though they ship internationally, but the shipping cost might be more than the boots itself. Now, i wish i could find these in Pet-Safari.

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