Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas shopping

Since i have a week of holiday, i went back home! My to-do list was long, let see....

1. Renew passport - Diving trip in February in Phuket (DONE)
2. Beads & charms shopping (DONE)
3. Christmas & CNY shopping (DONE)
4. Bring Jasmine to grooming & de-flea (DONE)
5. Craft shopping in Papier (The Curve) & Art Friends ( The Gardens)

Shopping was really fun, especially for craft shopping. This time i wanted to buy rubber stamps and stamp pads. I went to Papier in The Curve, they have super beautiful rubber stamps and acrylic clear stamps, but they are just too pricey. A set of rubber stamps (4 in a set), will cost me about RM70-RM100, I was really tempted to buy, but i went off without buying anything, thinking to go back next time earlier. They were closing already.

The next day, i went to Art Friends in Gardens. WoW! heaven, their rubber stamps are affordable, but the choices are limited. Thats y i managed to buy 2 only.

IMG_2549 IMG_2550
These stamps cost from RM15- RM20.

I bought 2 stamp pads as well, one in arctic emerald colour (Opalit) and silver (Pigment Ink). This Opalite has really nice relfective effect, but it's very expensive,RM 30. I didn't the price until i walked out from the shop.

I bought a few ribbons and some papers, i spent so much in Art Friends.

There's this shop in The Curve, Daiso, everything in the shop selling at RM5 only, not only it's really big (from plates to cosmetics) but everything in the shop are from Japan.

I bought 2 wooden crates.

..and lots of wooden pegs. Those wooden crates are to store my ribbons and these cute wooden pegs. I will be back during CNY to bu more of these, just love it!

The sales in KL was crazy, every single shop in the malls are having sales. I'd spent so much, but heck, i don't care, haven't been shopping for ages. I was too busy with for the pass few month :)


Shoes are from MNG, i just love the pale purplish pink, though it's a bit tied but i bet it'll get looser sometime later.


I'd received a lot of christmas presents this year, mostly from colleagues and friends :) Sheena fong bought me DKNY Apple this year. Come to think of it, she's been buying perfume for me every Christmas.


This year, Lilian bought me yet another Estee Lauder, she loves Estee Lauder!


The champion of all, Peter bought the most useful Christmas present - epilator. I guess he must have known I wanted it badly! No more wax strips from now onwards :)

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