Sunday, January 25, 2009

My reunion with my best friends

We've parted for more than a year since our graduation, it feels great to be back with them again,thought it was just a merely 3 hours dinner. Dave initiated the dinner knowing i will be back from Penang, since it was really really hard to compromised everyone, HH didn't manage to come.

Attendee : Liwei, Alicia,David,Hui ( the late one who had asked us to come earlier) & Stephanie

I can't help but making monkey faces, because Dave's wide angle makes my face looks so much wider!!
Sushi Zanmai ( I hope i didn't get this wrong, i don't quite remember the name ) is something i don't remember seeing in 1utama, you can imagine how long i havent been to 1utama.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

January New bracelet design

It feels so nice to be at home again! This time for 2 full weeks, whats more i can ask for? But after-all, company shut down for 10 days ain't good sign, keeping my finger cross though.

Off topic, i have added 2 new bracelets to Enjoy this blissful season and do more shopping!

new design2

My side table lamp

I bought a few really nice pattern paper the other day, and i thought why not transfer the pattern to my side table lamp. Since the lamp looked kinda dull.


I didn't want the pattern to be permanently printed on the lamp, so i've used glass paint in gold and black and copied the pattern onto a piece of clear plastic.

Let it dry for half an hour, cut out accordingly and attached a few beads and there you go!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Children Protection Society

CPS is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to the needs of neglected and abandoned children. CPS provide a safe & supportive environment to children who are at risk. We then work with parents and other family members , through home visits, towards re-uniting the child with their family when possible.

The Shelter Home is the main priority of CPD. They care for younger boys and girls aged 4-12 as well as teenage girls at our home. Unlike any other children's home, most of the children are either abused or abandoned by their family members, the main purpose is to take care of them temporarily and work toward the reunion the children and their respective family members.

I didn't know the existent of this society until Jon requested to have fund raising for these children. That explains why we had fund donation every Christmas. Last year, we'd raised RM1200 cash and sponsored a lil boy's one year expenses. So lil right? and they manage to feed a boy with only RM1200 a year, imagine if you have only RM1200 a month, can you survive? I know i can't, i'm so spoilt!

So, back to the story. This year, we had another fund raising during Christmas, and we managed to raise another RM1200 for a lil girl. Instead of just donating cash, we decided to pay a visit to the shelter.

We brought not only gifts and snacks, but also 2 new bicycles and lots of angpows (red packet).

the group-1

*Ice breaking game*

*Using angpow packets to do origami*

*We're divided into 3 groups*

*Kar Yee's trying to help with his fish origami*

* He's so proud of his 3 origami fish* *Gan's at the back*




*Queuing for gifts*

*This lil girl was a visitor, just like us, she went there along with her grandma*



Wednesday, January 14, 2009


siow bee oh siow bee,
how we both should be,
together forever and care free,
oh i love you, oh siow bee
you maybe tiny, but so fulfilling,
how you understand my desire for all that i need,
by Duncan T.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My green Banana

Remember Peter bought me a pair of red ear sliders ( green tortoise), i named them Banana & Bubble. It was said to be my tortoise but he took care of them all the time, feed, play, bathe them, but he loves doing it.

He loves them so much that he missed them very much when he was back in hometown. Can you imagine that? He cares for them so much, to the extend I convinced myself that he "WAS" a tortoise *evil grins*

I caught Banana having his daily dosage of UV lights, and i find it so cute !!!!

With ISO200 and don't know how much aperture.

with ISO200 and higher aperture (without flash though).

with the default setting of my camera, which i don't know how much ISO and aperture.

The fact that i find him so cute because he remained in the same position for quite awhile for me to capture him in different modes.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New year New collection

These designs will be up for sale in Stephanie's very soon! Stay tune and enjoy shopping!

new collection 1

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ed the PDC loud speaker

Ed has been in Malaysia for more than 8 years i guess, he was one of the pioneers of PDC (Penang Design Center) for Spansion Malaysia. But now, due to some issue with his US visa, he had gone back to the States for good :(

Ed, that tall guy standing right behind me.

He's our loud speaker, he speaks really loud and laughs louder than the thunder. Yet, it is because of him, PDC was merrier when he was around.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

An overdue Christmas entry

Christmas tea party in my office was held a bit earlier this year. We had something different instead of the old traditional "Angle & Mortal" game.

These are my project team members.

Instead of having just gift exchange, we spiced up the game by adding a few rules and conditions.
rule #1 : Each person will be randomly given a person's name, he/she will be the receiver of your gifts.


rule #2 : Hide your gifts and provide hints to your receiver.


rule #3 : With the clues, hunt for your gifts.


We had lots of yummy home made cakes. This year wasn't as merry as last year's, but overall was good. I still prefer "Angel & Mortal" game.



January Babies

Like last year, we celebrated Irene's and Hwei Tyng's birthday at a nice restaurant. This year, the dinner was at Salsa's.


It was such a waste that none of us brought a proper camera. The ambiance was good, food was great. I just love hanging out with colleagues for a nice dinner after work, don't you think so?

So, bear with the bad pictures quality, all we had was cellphones.



..and for pressies, I made birthday cards for both of them and I've forgotten to take pictures of the pressies i bought.

IMG_2790 IMG_2791

I've used buttons and sew ribbons with it to make bows.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Doggie boots

My holidays were occupied by Jasmine, she'd suffered from fleas and ticks. Gosh, I have no idea where's on earth these stupids fleas came from. It was like a sudden attack, no matter how many hours we'd spent on picking fleas out of her, they multiplied a few times the next day.

So i brought her to the groomer to shave off her coat and did a de-flea treatment. Thank goodness, she's now as light as the feather and as happy as before, flea free!

I've been suspecting that she picked up flea-eggs from the park where she have her morning walk everyday. Sheena fong brought her 2 pairs of cotton doggie boots earlier to protect her paws from picking up flea-eggs. It didn't work though, she bit off all her boots.

Then i found something online which is very interesting. Rubber doggies boots, stretchable and tight-fitting. Now Jasmine will be having hard time bitting off the boots, and eventually she'll accept the fact that she needs to wear boots *evil grins*

These disposable doggie boots are from GollyGear, an US base online store which sells a lot of funny and interesting doggie's accessories.

Even though they ship internationally, but the shipping cost might be more than the boots itself. Now, i wish i could find these in Pet-Safari.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas shopping

Since i have a week of holiday, i went back home! My to-do list was long, let see....

1. Renew passport - Diving trip in February in Phuket (DONE)
2. Beads & charms shopping (DONE)
3. Christmas & CNY shopping (DONE)
4. Bring Jasmine to grooming & de-flea (DONE)
5. Craft shopping in Papier (The Curve) & Art Friends ( The Gardens)

Shopping was really fun, especially for craft shopping. This time i wanted to buy rubber stamps and stamp pads. I went to Papier in The Curve, they have super beautiful rubber stamps and acrylic clear stamps, but they are just too pricey. A set of rubber stamps (4 in a set), will cost me about RM70-RM100, I was really tempted to buy, but i went off without buying anything, thinking to go back next time earlier. They were closing already.

The next day, i went to Art Friends in Gardens. WoW! heaven, their rubber stamps are affordable, but the choices are limited. Thats y i managed to buy 2 only.

IMG_2549 IMG_2550
These stamps cost from RM15- RM20.

I bought 2 stamp pads as well, one in arctic emerald colour (Opalit) and silver (Pigment Ink). This Opalite has really nice relfective effect, but it's very expensive,RM 30. I didn't the price until i walked out from the shop.

I bought a few ribbons and some papers, i spent so much in Art Friends.

There's this shop in The Curve, Daiso, everything in the shop selling at RM5 only, not only it's really big (from plates to cosmetics) but everything in the shop are from Japan.

I bought 2 wooden crates.

..and lots of wooden pegs. Those wooden crates are to store my ribbons and these cute wooden pegs. I will be back during CNY to bu more of these, just love it!

The sales in KL was crazy, every single shop in the malls are having sales. I'd spent so much, but heck, i don't care, haven't been shopping for ages. I was too busy with for the pass few month :)


Shoes are from MNG, i just love the pale purplish pink, though it's a bit tied but i bet it'll get looser sometime later.


I'd received a lot of christmas presents this year, mostly from colleagues and friends :) Sheena fong bought me DKNY Apple this year. Come to think of it, she's been buying perfume for me every Christmas.


This year, Lilian bought me yet another Estee Lauder, she loves Estee Lauder!


The champion of all, Peter bought the most useful Christmas present - epilator. I guess he must have known I wanted it badly! No more wax strips from now onwards :)