Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010!

I'm having a really long break, er...not that long, but one week is good! I really need a good rest after being such a busy bee preparing for Christmas since the beginning of November.

I love my home, love Jasmine, love my dad and Sheena, love Pete and my green tortoises, I love year 2009, it was a great year for me. Was it a great year for you too?

I'm dropping by to write a short and quick post because my Macbook is running low in battery. Stephanie's is having her very first giveaway, I'm excited, are you?


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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Peter's Birthday surprise at Hard Rock Cafe

YT and I have been preparing for Pete's big day since months ago, our initial plan was to surprise him with a birthday party at home, but decided otherwise because Hard Rock Cafe is way cooler!


Jerine joined us with the preparation. On Christmas day, we went to Queens Bay Mall (aka kooibehmoh) to shop for dresses for the night and headed to YT's to customized/DIY our party hats.


We'd made a hat specially for the birthday boy with his name on it and ornaments.


After everything was done, we drove to Hard Rock Hotel to put down the birthday cake and the party hats because we didn't want Pete to know, it was a surprise! He thought it was just a christmas dinner.

Hard Rock Hotel is about 30 mins drive from Yt's but we took almost 2 hours to reach, because of the stupid car accident, there was a terrible jam along Bt. Ferringhi !!! All three of us were dead hungry by the time everything was done, we'd gone mad in the car and were super grampy.

YT complained i'm driving like a snail, but I'm driving Kambla and i never drove in Balik Pulau before!! Jerine and YT were shouting and scolding everyone on the road, mad style indeed!

So yeah, was suppose to be home before 5pm, but we reached home at 6 something and had to be ready in an hour's time!


Jerine convinced me to buy this, she said every girl should have a pair of red shoes, it's an investment, haha! Do you have a pair?!

Aldo red pumps =RM 226

Dress code of the night, printed tube dress from Kitchen. I kinda love it, very different from my style.

Printed tube dress from Kitchen : RM80.90


We had fun and I bet Pete had fun too! The whole cafe's sang him Birthday song and the band infront dedicated another birthday song to him, syok la!


Pete looked like Fairy's God Mother, wasn't he? hahahha!


He was forced to wear the party hat whole night.


Jerine wasn't happy because she don't have her name on her hat.


YT was really happy with her balloon. One balloon can buy her up already, so easy!


Now she wants my balloon pulak!


Dear Peter,

Happy Birthday and may all your dreams come true! I hope you like the cake, it was a gift from YT and Jerine. Oh, not forgetting your PS3 partner + boyfriend ,YM, he bought you a SouthPark DVD very much earlier.


Thats all for now, until I get more pictures from YM's big ass camera.

Pictures taken by Panasonic Lumix FS62

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Starbucks for Christmas

I am a coffee maniac , especially for Starbucks, I love hanging out with friends at Starbucks and I love their coffee so much that I am addicted to it! Only if my company has Starbucks, Nescafe will never be in my list.

This year, I dragged YT and YM to have Starbucks with me and she's now addicted to its Greentea. I'm evil am i? I also bought a few things from Starbucks for Christmas.

DSC_0058 copy
A pair of mugs, 2 limited edition Starbucks ornaments, and my favourite Starbucks 2010 organizer.

I bought these mugs for Pete for Christmas.

Starbuck mug = RM25 per piece

These ornaments are limited, purchased with 2 Christmas grante drinks.

Starbucks Limited edition ornament =RM6 per piece (with 2 Christmas drinks)


My favourite Starbucks 2010 organizer, redeemed with 11 stamps.


Pictures taken by Nikon D90

Year 2009 Christmas Countdown

I’ve had a splendid night out with my buddies on Christmas eve, oh gosh, you don’t know how much I miss those ever so cheerful laughter and stupid jokes and gossips. I wish we could have Christmas dinner everyday!

Dinner was at 8pm but Pete and I reached at 9pm because I wasn’t feeling too well, and I really hate it! Why did my stomach chose to be unwell on Christmas eve night!?!?! Also for some reason, my head was spinning, so I barely eaten anything that night, it’s a buffet but I’ve only eaten 2 lettuces and 2 slices of beef with 2 glasses of orange juice.

Except for my stupid stomach, we had fun having gifts exchange.


Drawing for numbers.


Steph and Pete with our presents. The pillow comes in handy, since I’ve been complaining to Pete that he should have a pillow in his car for me to hug.


Irene with her pressie, can you see that little snowman charm?


Brian and SpongeBob SquarePants, he loves it because he’s been holding it whole night


Wendy and KianBoon, I wanted the pillow so badly, I’m gonna steal it from him.


Faye Hwei Tyng and her santa. Love the ribbon bow!


Philip with his Doreamon umbralla, it’s super cute


Alfonso got something that he will never use, or will he?


Waifun and Chowseng with their pressie.. Waifun gave me a box of DIY felt cake since she has 3 boxes, she knew I will love it ☺


Last but not least, MR. Eng Wei, I think this is the cutest and most practical pressie of all, RM20 JUSCO gift voucher.

I believe we’d had a great time and everyone loves their pressie, they’re sweet and thoughtful.


Beautiful people.


Outfit for the night, casual. I’m wearing my new pair of black flats bought from BRANDS, only RM38.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm still alive, just a little heavier

I've been telling everybody that Penang + Pete is evil, because they're the main culprit to my growing weight! For the past 10 years, my weight has been very consistent, never 1KG more neither 1KG less, but I've gain 6KG in 2 years since I've moved to Penang.

6KG in 2 years is very scary !! Imagine, if i gain that amount of weight in 2 years, then after 20 years, I'll be 60KG extra!

I never had a weighing scale at home, because i can't find a reason why i should have one, now i think i really need one!

*Dear Santa,

I want a Osim Uscale & Ukimono in purple into my sock on Christmas Eve.

stephanie F. *
Here's the proof of my weight, no, i don't mind telling the world of my weight, because I just don't mind la, Don't ask so much!
..and only 164cm in height, still Ok! but it won't be ok after 20 years, i'll be 116KG!
there's a few reasons to my growing weight,
1. Suppers
2. lack of daily exercise. Everyday sit in the office and never move an inch for 8 hours, sure fat la !
3. lack of sleep and stressful. Makes me eat more.
From today's onwards, please don't call up Steph for supper, I will not entertain, unless special circumstances.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Jasmine my brown cocker spaniel

I'm blogging from Batu Pahat, love this town, lots of greenies and wonderful people! I know I've been so busy with work and Get Hooked's orders, and this little get away trip back to Pete's hometown has given me a chance for good rest before heading back to the busy Penang again!

Since i have so much time now, I shall share picture of Jasmine from my last trip back home.

Jasmine is a poser!

Told you she's a poser!

You see!! she's a poser!

Now you believe that she's a poser or not! I don't have to do anything, as long as i have my camera on, she'll have different poses at different time. When friends told me it's hard to photograph doggies, I don't have any problem with Jasmine, she loves the camera , and sometimes she licks my lens....arrgghhhg!!

She permed her hair...I'm joking, she has natural curly coat but only in her head. When we see she started to look like my aunt's hairstyle, we know it's time for grooming.

Jasmine :I'm the king of the house!

Did i tell you that Jasmine loves car ride? She'll try her best to jump into the car whenever the door is opened.

She's always as curious as the bee!

Jasmine : mommy, i want that biscuit, please......* innocent*

Mom :Alright, do me some tricks, up the chair!

It took me some time to make her stand on a chain without trembling.

I love hugging her like this, like a stuffed toy.

Every time i go back, Jasmine is an inch fatter.Daddy pampers her so much, whatever he eats, she gets to eat tooo.

Kuchi-kuchi-ku! you fat like brown fur!

Everyone in the family loves her