Monday, September 29, 2008

War museum

Daddy and Sheena came to penang simply because they wanted to visit his daughter, her sister *winks* . Peter and I brought them to places which served good food, some were reasonably priced but others were too expensive. Can u imagine paying RM45 for 3 bowls of fish noodle ?!?!? and it didn't taste nice at all.

Later in the afternoon, we drove all the way to Bt. Maung for war musuem. Impressive, i enjoyed it, thats because we have a walking history book with us. It was like a story telling session. If and only if Malaysian musuems have professionals guide, it wouldn't be so boring anymore.

Entrance fee is RM15 for Malaysian and double for foreigner. War museum is said to be here to tell the real stories covering all aspect of life in wartime. They have a lot of chambers and tunnels used during WWII, some of it has photographs to add a touch of reality when you're in it. Seriously, i find it rather creepy and disturbing, especially those in the medical infirmary.

I never took any pictures of the chambers nor the tunnels, because we're advised not to, after all, this is a place where thousands of people had died.

Daddy was a lil excited with the anti-air gun. It was a real gun though.


Little story behind :
Opened to the public in 2002, it was an original British military defence fortress built in the 1930s to protect the island from enemies in anticipation of World War 2.

Designed by British engineers and built by South Afircans, Indians, Nepalese, Prisoners-of-War and locals. It houses a canon-firung bay, anti-aircraft firing bays, sleeping quarters for soldiers, cookhouse, lockup ad command centre. Much of what you see today is very much in the same condition as when it was built. Most of the buildings and structures have stood the test of time.

One would also get and idea how the solder then lived. The barracks are designed according to rank. One set for British officers, others for British other ranks, Indians and Malays. You would get to see the toilet, which consists of a bucket secluded in a walled cubicle. Underground pipes supplied water from a well.

Do you still have booby trap now?!!?

They're back home now, i miss the time where we spent all time talking and talking non-stop, in the car, lunch, and even when we're walking.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

More than I imagined

I've spent my Sunday afternoon doing these, feeling satisfied.

I always love chunky bracelet with alphabets or numbers, simple yet unique.
Ingredient : White gold plated link chain, metal box charm, F letter charm.

Butterfly and flower, they're inseparable. This bracelet don't have chunky chain like the 1st 2 i did, I've used ball chain to make it looks famine.
Ingredient : Pink flower and butterfly charm, ball and chain link, Swarovski crystal (pink and blur)

This handphone keychain consist of turquoise Swarovski crystal and metal seahorse charm.I learned to hold Swarovski crystal into cubes with waxed nylon thread, it was easy but tedious.

Yearning for more butterfly.
Ingredient : Pink Swarovski and coloured butterfly charm

Blooming daisy on shinning crystal.
Ingredient : Light blue Swarovski and blue daisy charm

Then i thought i might as well do its packaging, i could give it as a gift.
I came out with Freedom as its name, because blue and sea horse reminds me of the ocean and ocean means freedom.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Daddy is coming to town..

Daddy and Sheena decided to spend their weekend in Penang, how could i not be excited? This time, they should be on the highway speeding to reach Penang in no time. Ever since Daddy retired, he has been planning trips either with family or friends. I supposed this should be the ideal retirement, no commitments, no responsibility, no health problem, still full with energy and most of all, no financial constraint.

So, yea....I'm not in the mood for working already.

Biscuit anyone? I'm not making more, because I'm out of plasticine already. Waiting anxiously for my polymer clay to arrive.

Charm bracelet

I handmade this, pretty isn't it? This was my 1st attempt in making jewelry, i bought a whole lot of stuff from and ebay, actually it was Peter's early Christmas gift for me, i chose everything but he paid, kekekeke! I love this!

* White Gold Plated link chain, silver toggle, pink Swarovski crystal and a pink handbag charm.

Speedy Recovery Card for Terry

It's sad to know that Terry has met with an motorbike accident last week, but PTL it was only a few cuts and swollen leg. This guy who was trying to avoid from a police road block, crashed into Terry's bike.

I had made him a card to encourage his recovery.


Thick green felt cloth with red beetle in the middle, brown paper rope as the ribbon and wording stamped with black ink.

I just love how these wordings turned out to be, the paper looked vintage with these borders. i've learned this tactic of rubbing the ink pad along the side of the paper online. Love it!

I haven't been making StephDesign since so long.

Used tracing paper to wrap around my card for protection. Some people might not be as careful when they pull/put the card out/in the envelop.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tanglung Party


Jonathan invited some of his colleagues, which included me, to his tanglung party some time ago. Tanglung in his interpretation means chinese lantern . It was something really simple, more like colleagues gathering after work. Sean (Jon's baby) and Edric ( Ed's baby) joined us for the fun!

We arrived at Jon's hours earlier before dinner, because we're supposed to have "tanglung" making competition. Few person in a group, total 3 groups, here we have Peter, Greg and I, Ed was there to just fill in the gap in the picture, haha!

Greg's ChineseIndian from Klang, who claimed he saw Zakaria's mansion, Ed's Philippines but migrated to US long long time ago, but has been working in Penang for almost 8 years.

making in progress, Edric kept asking what are we doing, and he don't seems to understand no matter how we explained. Very cute boy who throw tantrum to his parent by lying on the floor like a frog, really funny!

Sean eats non-stop, yet Edric only eats when he's having fun eating. Sean shared his pear with Edric, so warm.

I've made chicken ham cheese lil sandwich, suprisingly it tasted good. Dinner was US pizza, delivery.

Sean with a lantern.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I'm always addicted to something, but usually it will not last long. So, i'm currently addicted to plasticine, thats because i don't have polymer clay with me!

I'd completely ignore Peter the whole night, he played gunbound and got really bored later. He was trying to convince me into watching a DVD with him, succeeded but took him hours to finally pull me off my plasticine.

IMG_1418 IMG_1419
I was trying to make a pink cow actually, but it turn out to be like a pig, shouldn't have used pink. The second one was meant to be a fruit cupcake, but looks like ice-cream instead, added bananas, cerry's oranges, cream with chocolate chips.

IMG_1416 IMG_1409
I shall call this poo-ka-boo, i sure mix its colour well to look so like poop. I have lovely-daily robot, DJ robot and resue robot.

I am still really proud of my MIKE, he;s sitting high up watching me playing with my plasticine.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I'm bidding on a 50 blocks of polymer clay on ebay, I wanted to play with polymer so long time ago yet i couldn't find a shop in Malaysia which sell polymer clay with reasonable price. I found a few though, but they're selling so expensive, thats i i decided to purchase from international seller from ebay, way so much cheaper.

I went to YenJi clay shop in I-Avenue to only realised they're using air-dry clay not polymer clay, so sad. I didn't sign up their classes loh...and they have very limited tools and molds.

While waiting for my polymer clay to arrive and all other tools, i played with plasticine instead. KEKEKE, kinda happy with it though. Here's some of the pictures,




I was trying to make MIKE from Monster Inc. but i couldn't get his arms and legs right, so i left it without any.

later, i tried again, it looks ok.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Open water diving course-photo updates

Ok, this post is supposed to be up long long time ago, but I've dragged centuries before posting it, simply because i have too many pictures and i don't know where to start.

This diving trip was an impulsive decision when Alfonso asked if we're interested. We took less than a month of preparation, but he did everything for us, all i have to do is to pay him. We took Firefly to Kuala Terengganu and stayed a night before headed to Redang Island.

KT has nothing to offer, and we had malay food every meal, i spend my afternoon sleeping in the hotel, outside was hot and hot and nothing but hot. I couldn't even find a decent shopping mall to buy my sun block. It was that bad, thats y i decided to just hang around the hotel instead.

On our way to Redang Island on the boat. The boat was bumpy but fun !

The beach was sandy white and the water was tempting. I can't wait to jump inside.

Getting ready to dive. We had a day of studying and paper test before we could really get into practical. Only if we passed our paper test, we will have our practical test in the water. It wasn't easy, so many things to learn, so many things to remember and we're supposed to learn everything in 3 days!

The oxygen tank was dead heavy, 12-13kg you know. I always having hard time carrying it to the boat. But when it was in the water, i felt nothing on my back.

Boarding the boat to a boat dive.

waiting anxiously.

Flipping flipping, it not easy to maintain your buoyancy (object in water without sinking nor floating to surface).

Its rather blur, but this is all we could get, because we have lousy camera.

Blue spot stingray.


Our 3 days instructor, Desmond.

Nemo family, very very very cute. I was obsessed with clown fish when "Finding Nemo" was released.

Jelly fish were beautiful but scary, look closely, those white spots at the back were all jelly fish.

I was enjoying myslef.

I have my dive log book, being a proud owner of the book and looking so tan already.

and finally my temporary membership card. The real card will be send by PADI later.

Diving was really fun, something i never expected i would do. I'm always afraid of deep water, but this trip has brought me into a different world. Under water world gives me a feeling of peace and its definitely beautiful. It feels different from watching in National Geographic, it feels real and i strongly encourage you to try.

It might be an expensive hobby ( those equipments can cost you thousands), but I am definitely having my 2nd trip, 3rd and so on. It feels like fantasy, i've completely forgotten i'm an engineer when i'm underwater.