Saturday, May 31, 2008

He's sick

He was complaining of his flu few days ago, i thought it was his usual sinus, he thought so too. But he woke up with a heavy head yesterday and his throat was killing him. He was tired, no appetite and feeling cold, which is very unusual. He is having the flu package : fever-flu-cough-sore throat.

I find it so cute, he was so tired, so cold and his head is heavier than the rock.Yet he can't resist playing GUNBOUND.


But 10 minutes later.....
He was soundly asleep, with snores somemore. Cute !!

Friday it is.

Friday is suppose to be FLYday, yet i didn't feel pleasant. Morning, i was greeted by a baby cockroach in company's cafeteria during breakfast. I already hated so much to be in there because the casher girl always give me the i-am-the-boss-and-u-must-listen-to-me look, and she talks like she don't know how to spell manners, oh..maybe she doesn't, whatever it is, she gave me an impression that she's f**king rude, especially to me! Is not like the food is tastier or cheaper, sometimes it might be more expensive than eating out. I never ever have my lunch in cafeteria, unless someone tie me and carry me there.

so, back to the story. I showed them about the cockroach, and guess what he did? He used his 2 tiny lil fingers, grabbed it and swept down the floor. So he thinks i can't see it means it's not there. And he continue making drinks for us WITHOUT WASHING HIS HANDS. There goes Sue's breakfast mood, she thew her coffee away and went back to work. I didn't really bother so much, because i thought it wouldn't be very harmful. Until an hour later, my colleagues sent me something, COCKROACH IN THE NOODLE!!!!! omg omg omg omg!!!...


The news spread faster than i can imagine, within minutes, someone had sent us notification that the management will take serious action on this. Huuuuraaay....padan muka!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ugly by Constance Briscoe

I stayed up late at night yesterday just to finish the book :ULGY by Constance Briscoe. Very interesting book i would say, I am not gonna elaborate too much, you should read yourself. Its worth your time, because it made me realised i was such a lucky kid!


The book is about the author's abusive childhood, how she made her way to University and became a barrister. Apparently, she was one of the Britain first female black judges. I am inspired by her determination and the never-give-up spirit.

I can't wait to get myself her second book :Beyond Ulgy

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bye Bye Lee Peng

Last Friday was Lee Peng last day in Spansion, she was our Project Manager. I miss her laughing already. She left this on my table before she left. She always had lots of cutes stuff, things we usually can't find in Malaysia. Take care Lee Peng.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Amy's Registration

Last year, i still remember her telling me about her wedding preparation and how her husband asked her to marry him. It was like yesterday, today is the day she and her husband did their vows in front of parents, friends and relatives. Today is the day where both of them are legally pronounced as husband and wife. I am so so happy for them. Nicky, Sue and i promised to be there, on the way, we picked up lilies from the florist.


When Nicky asked what are we supposed to do there, I said to make the atmosphere merrier, and she agreed. I had no answer for that, maybe to see Amy with make-up? i have no idea, but she was glad we went and brought her flowers.DSC09251

They told me to wear casual, and i really wore that casual, denim skirts and t-shirt only with flats somemore! i should have always put a pair of heels in my bag for backup.

CK joined us later.

Malaysians are always late, even for their registration. Amy's session supposed to be started at 3pm, but she had to wait for almost an hour before it was her turn. Because those before her were late.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spansion Team Building at PSDC

I woke up heavy headed, with even heavier heart early in the morning. I didn't have a good feeling about today's team building, it was a small one, a few from each of departments. Hsian dragged me out of the bed, dragged me to PSDC. Seriously, it wasn't too good when i walked in, the place was freaking muddy, due to the rain in the morning i guess.

Micheal, the instructor for today's event proved me wrong. He said he has a mission to teach us what is a TEAM, how to work as a team to make things better. He taught me how to handle bad situation with positive mind set.Great guy!

Here goes the pictures,
This is super super funny, it looks like 2 guys doing some stuff, u know, those stuff, hahaha!

We were trying to pass the loop rope without disconnecting our hands, nice game. It was really funny to see people trying all ways, mouth, head, leg and we laughed our way through.

Mohawk crossing?

It looks like we're playing too-too-train, but we're not. Trying to fit everybody into a small circle was indeed fun.

I guess they were trying to do sun bathing vertically?

we were shouting SPANSION UNITED. No, i was lying.

connecting with human connectors.

I was the one jumped and being stupid at the back.

Trying to reach the rope without touching the ground, it was obvious he failed.

Now when we got the rope, we swing people over to the other side.

Last but not least, four "duyung" trying to fly. The event ended at around 5pm.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Triangular Chocolate

That day sim text,

sim: "I'm back from Langkawi and we'll have dinner on Friday, i don't care, u have to, no excuses"
me : " Don't forget my tequila, see u"

On Friday, we met at eGate for dinner. Dar came along, we had a good chat later at Starbucks.

Only when we were about to call it a day, he handed me chocolates. Not any other chocolate but my favourite Toblerone triangular swiss dark chocolate. He definitely knows me well, i mean, he has to know me well because we've known each other for years. I would kill him if he buys me milk chocolate, people who's close to me should know i love dark chocolate only! My very good friend, sim.


He bought not only one but TWO!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

75th Anniversary Mickey Mouse Monopoly

Jon granted my wish by bring back the Mickey Mouse Monopoly from SunnyVille. Thank you!!


Hsian surprised me with a cherry key chain, love it so much!

Then followed by Boon Eng, she said when she saw this, it reminds her of me, so she bought for me for no reason.

and Chek Meng (my supervisor) came back with a mug warmer for me from SunnyVille.