Monday, March 31, 2008



Celebrating Sim's new Golden Retriever,named Lucky. Cute!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This should be cheeky, i was laughing at Sim on his ugly pairs of CROCS and i swear i won't buy any of those. But, when i saw this pink Disney Mickey beach, i couldn't resist. I love its mickey mouse die cut and soft pink, i tried and bought.


It's super comfortable, it might not look as nice as my red Birkenstock, but Sheena said i look sweet....kekekeke!! *self-praise* Btw, i've topped it up with a red cherry

I have come to realized that comfortable shoes are very very very important, at least for me, it will affect my mood.

I was hanging around The Curve when i bumped into something i thought i might wanna try. It's the jelly chemical soil, together i bought a plant along. I hope it survives, because i definitely has no luck in planting or anything to do with gardening.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Amy



We'd celebrated her birthday earlier in Manhanttan Fish Market,Queens Bay, with a birthday cake along.

Some preview photos on our one day trip to Kedah yesterday with colleagues.

I feel proud of myself when i caught the owl winked. He looks like Prof. Owl.


More to come when i've collected all the photos from my colleagues.

Now, off to Property Fair.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It was when i started noticed my pals have not been updating their blogs, then it came in..

"oh ya, i have an inactive blog too!!"

OK, I'm being lame.

Back to business, recently, i don't have the urge to blog that much like i did back then. Primarily, i so out of ideas, i guess my brain is so bounded with work only. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to think, and sadly, I've already picked up most of penang's culture, soap operas all the time. Not that i don't want to find excitement, but there's not much excitement around these days. I find my days were so quiet, maybe because i used to have a doggie around to keep me busy all the time.Gosh, i miss her so much, my lil princess Jasmine.

Some recaps since Chinese New Year. I've had a really long holiday back home during Chinese New Year (12 days). Aside with that, I've been travelling back home quite often in February,
1st, my uncle's house warming party. It was a rather huge one, that's because he had torn down his old house and rebuilt it. I love hang around with my aunts and cousins, i wish we're living near to each other.

2nd, CNY. Like the normal routine, shopping for clothes and food. Cleaning up (not so much of that). But this year was a lil different because Sheena and i helped in the reunion dinner preparation.

3rd, cousin Bonnie's wedding. So many things to do yet so fun, Peter went home with me. Daddy, cousins and aunts like him so much, I'm glad. I also had my birthday celebration at home this time, daddy bought me a cake. It was a short one, but my cousins' were so thoughtful. Daddy enjoyed the most i guess, because he laughed the loudest.

With that, ended my busy month of February. In March, daddy went abroad for work, leaving Jasmine and Sheena alone, that's why I'm going back next week. I JUST CAN'T WAIT! Peter would drive me home this time, with his white todd, thank you darling.

Things will get better in this blog, i promise I'll update as often i could. Because i just love Peter's "tik tok tik tok" keyboard :)

Off to soap operas.