Saturday, December 13, 2008

Steph's still alive

Life's been really busy, but i guess God thinks i need a good rest, HOW? Shut downs!!!!! I guess i'm not the 1st person who have had forced to take leaves, i bet most people in the semi-conductor industry are in the same situation as me.

Force leaves are definitely better than retrench, isn't it? so, i'm keeping a positive mind. Okay..!! After all, working's just my hobby, my work is to be a domestic engineer (aka housewife). I'm definitely joking, please don't be serious!

Work aside, I'm getting my oven tomorrow!! Yaaahhh!! I will make so many lil polymer clay's, i've been dreaming of them every night.

As for my tiny shop, I've been doing so many customizations, to be honest, I don't quite like it. I prefer to have a open mind and start designing something nice, rather than being restricted by so many requirements. But thank God that most of my customers prefer to leave the designing part to me, and i usually have a lot of freedom, kekeke!!

..and you know what, even my Dad was amazed of what i'm doing now, and he sent my tinyshop's link to his ex-colleagues ( he has retired ), THANK YOU DADDY!

btw, i'm thinking to start a shop in soon, after i'm "so called" expert in polymer clay-ing.