Sunday, November 16, 2008

Walls mini popper

I'm not a big fan of ice-cream, but I've bought 2 boxes of mini popper which i have no intention to eat at all. I am bring it all to office tomorrow for my colleagues. Weird isn't it?


All i want is this little pink thing which I'd named it DRAGON. You won't get this if you only purchase 2 boxes of Walls mini popper, you've gotta play a lil game to earn it!

There was a cube filled with flying ping pong balls with colours of white and orange. All i have to do is to collect as many orange balls as possible in 15 second, to get this pink thing, i need at least 7 balls.

Knowing i would go panic and won't be able to reach 7 balls in 15 seconds, Peter did it for me. Brilliant him, he had his way to collect exactly 7 balls. So i brought that pink thing home!

Being over excited and happy, though it was nothing big nor expensive, but I JUST LOVE IT~!

1 comment:

Wai Ling said...

How nice it is u own this little cutie >.< I'm so crazy for this cutie~~ haha XD *jealous*~~