Friday, November 07, 2008

New chains, lots of beads!

I'll be off to KL for a play performance with my colleagues and friends in KLPAC. I will not be going home as it lil inconvenient, besides this is supposed to be a short trip.

Terry and Pauline wanted to go IKEA to shop for their new home, and i am so thrill with that! i havent been to IKEA like for ages loh!!

Btw, Sheena Fong, sorry for the short notice ya, it was something last minute. Will be coming back to Penang on Sunday morning. I wish i could stay longer, to go HOME! Oh, i miss Jasmine so much!

Meanwhile, I'm so happy with my shopping with Marinacraft, she is such a darling. I am always so satisfied with everything I've bought from her and plus i get free gifts if i purchase above RM50. These are beads i've bought from her.


Apart from that, I've received my chains imported from HongKong, some are aluminum, vintage copper and sterling silver. This is my 1st time buying aluminum chain, they're so feather light and comfortable.


Various colour glass bicone i bought from :)

Altogether, makes me a happy girl! More to come....



sheenafong said...

wa..byk stuffs!!
yer, could've eat lunch with me at ikea ma...

need help shifting? hehe..too bad, im busy this month :p cant go north.

Stephanie meiyu said...

Aiks!! how come i never thought of that :P

I am shifting my things bit by bit, and will only shift my big items at the end of the month....still thinking how to move my washing machine loh...:P

sheenafong said...

u're having the whole hse?

stephanie said...

no la! with friends