Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm shifting

Yes, I'm shifting to another place, no more condominium, I didn't like parking my car by the road side, after a few unpleasant incident that had happened. Not to me of course , but to someone i happens to know, so........yea, IT'S NOT SAFE!

Sometimes if it's raining, i will be wet even though i have the biggest umbrella and it's so inconvenient if i have something big to carry back home, for example groceries. Other than that, i like the place i'm staying, windy and big swimming pool, too bad that my room is too small for me. I have so many things, everyone knows that...i couldn't fit everything and i need more space for to do my polymer clay and jewelry making. I'm currently relaying on the floor, which make the room looks like a store room.

Moving to a link house soon. I have a month time to slowly shift my things, I took over Jessie's room as she has gone back to KL for good, we shared the rental for November :) really nice girl!

It will be a real headache for me every time i am shifting to a new place, because of my things due to my uncontrollable in shopping, not just small items like shoes and bags, but also furnitures! HELP me!

Its good that every time i'm shifting i have my shifting buddies, SIM and JEEWEI. Can't live without good friends like them isn't it? so yea, shifting shifting shifting!

Out of no where, I've receive this forward email from a colleague, VERY COOL thing, i should have gotten it if they're selling in Malaysia. If you were to ask who would be the most suitable to have this, it would be ME!

This is something really creative and so usable. By Marcel Krings & Sebastian Muhlhauser, Casulo mobile living furniture.

Look at the pictures below, and you'll understand!


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sheenafong said...

i think u'll need 3 of those keke..