Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'm back with polymer clay

pGosh, i finally had the time to sit down and started practicing with my polymer clay, had a really really busy week, i don't even have time to gasp some air!

As I've mentioned last time that i haven't get myself an oven for polymer clay, but it happens that Jon's oven was in my house, why? LONG that for next time. So, since i have an oven now (temporary), I started playing around with my polymer clay, I LOVE IT!

I was a bit kedekut la, i didn't want to waste my colourful clay, so i played around with only black and white. Here's some pictures of it :P

Pre-baked clay

Baking clay, i was too excited that i looked at the clay every second for 20-25 minutes. Peter said I was like soh poh.

First trial was rather successful, except for some thicker clay was under baked, so i had to re-baked them for longer time. Later ,I converted them into necklace and bracelets, and i wore them today to try its durability.

My result? GOOOOOOD! they were flexible but very unbreakable, but of course, you still need to handle with care.

first trial
I know, Grey rose right? I was practicing after all, but still i like this very much, very feminine.

Tortoise is in grey and white as well, a bit odd but still as cute as the lollipop!

Cup cake!

So i guess this will be my 1st time baking polymer clay and next time will be after i've shifted to a bigger room. I'm in the midst of shifting to a new place where i'll have my oven in.

I'm shifting again, imagine the number of things i have, gosh, luckily i have 1 month to slowly move my things to my new place.

So, stay tune, i'll be selling polymer clay charms in Stephanie's soon...:)


sheena said...

shift to where?

stephanie said...

some place even nearer to my office :)