Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Early Christmas Present

It is very funny how Peter accidentally slipped out that he had bought a present for me, and how i've forced him to tell me what it is..

You should be surprise, this process usually takes up to weeks. The continuous begging from me, and the none stop bugging, sometimes, i think he slipped out on purpose, just to see what's my reaction and i bet he enjoyed my begging a lot!

I was drooling over this when i saw it from Toy 'R' us, i think it was pricey to buy for own self, but if it's as gift, it'll never be too expensive, right?

Thank you! I feel like a lil girl once again....
Just in case u're confused, they're Mike & Sulley from Monster Inc. in Cars. How cute, awww...toooo cute.



I am crazy over Monster Inc. and please don't ask me why, i don't know either. I just love them, watched it over and over again and still don't feel bored.

...and if u were to ask me again 10 years later whats my favourite movie, it will still be Monster Inc.

ps : they're made of metal and they're roll-able , good quality ya? so is the price :)

1 comment:

sheenafong said...

eh..i tot the beads were ur *early* christmas present?? hehe, must remind peter la, i think he forgot..