Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Early Christmas Present

It is very funny how Peter accidentally slipped out that he had bought a present for me, and how i've forced him to tell me what it is..

You should be surprise, this process usually takes up to weeks. The continuous begging from me, and the none stop bugging, sometimes, i think he slipped out on purpose, just to see what's my reaction and i bet he enjoyed my begging a lot!

I was drooling over this when i saw it from Toy 'R' us, i think it was pricey to buy for own self, but if it's as gift, it'll never be too expensive, right?

Thank you! I feel like a lil girl once again....
Just in case u're confused, they're Mike & Sulley from Monster Inc. in Cars. How cute, awww...toooo cute.



I am crazy over Monster Inc. and please don't ask me why, i don't know either. I just love them, watched it over and over again and still don't feel bored.

...and if u were to ask me again 10 years later whats my favourite movie, it will still be Monster Inc.

ps : they're made of metal and they're roll-able , good quality ya? so is the price :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Walls mini popper

I'm not a big fan of ice-cream, but I've bought 2 boxes of mini popper which i have no intention to eat at all. I am bring it all to office tomorrow for my colleagues. Weird isn't it?


All i want is this little pink thing which I'd named it DRAGON. You won't get this if you only purchase 2 boxes of Walls mini popper, you've gotta play a lil game to earn it!

There was a cube filled with flying ping pong balls with colours of white and orange. All i have to do is to collect as many orange balls as possible in 15 second, to get this pink thing, i need at least 7 balls.

Knowing i would go panic and won't be able to reach 7 balls in 15 seconds, Peter did it for me. Brilliant him, he had his way to collect exactly 7 balls. So i brought that pink thing home!

Being over excited and happy, though it was nothing big nor expensive, but I JUST LOVE IT~!

Friday, November 07, 2008

New chains, lots of beads!

I'll be off to KL for a play performance with my colleagues and friends in KLPAC. I will not be going home as it lil inconvenient, besides this is supposed to be a short trip.

Terry and Pauline wanted to go IKEA to shop for their new home, and i am so thrill with that! i havent been to IKEA like for ages loh!!

Btw, Sheena Fong, sorry for the short notice ya, it was something last minute. Will be coming back to Penang on Sunday morning. I wish i could stay longer, to go HOME! Oh, i miss Jasmine so much!

Meanwhile, I'm so happy with my shopping with Marinacraft, she is such a darling. I am always so satisfied with everything I've bought from her and plus i get free gifts if i purchase above RM50. These are beads i've bought from her.


Apart from that, I've received my chains imported from HongKong, some are aluminum, vintage copper and sterling silver. This is my 1st time buying aluminum chain, they're so feather light and comfortable.


Various colour glass bicone i bought from :)

Altogether, makes me a happy girl! More to come....


Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm shifting

Yes, I'm shifting to another place, no more condominium, I didn't like parking my car by the road side, after a few unpleasant incident that had happened. Not to me of course , but to someone i happens to know, so........yea, IT'S NOT SAFE!

Sometimes if it's raining, i will be wet even though i have the biggest umbrella and it's so inconvenient if i have something big to carry back home, for example groceries. Other than that, i like the place i'm staying, windy and big swimming pool, too bad that my room is too small for me. I have so many things, everyone knows that...i couldn't fit everything and i need more space for to do my polymer clay and jewelry making. I'm currently relaying on the floor, which make the room looks like a store room.

Moving to a link house soon. I have a month time to slowly shift my things, I took over Jessie's room as she has gone back to KL for good, we shared the rental for November :) really nice girl!

It will be a real headache for me every time i am shifting to a new place, because of my things due to my uncontrollable in shopping, not just small items like shoes and bags, but also furnitures! HELP me!

Its good that every time i'm shifting i have my shifting buddies, SIM and JEEWEI. Can't live without good friends like them isn't it? so yea, shifting shifting shifting!

Out of no where, I've receive this forward email from a colleague, VERY COOL thing, i should have gotten it if they're selling in Malaysia. If you were to ask who would be the most suitable to have this, it would be ME!

This is something really creative and so usable. By Marcel Krings & Sebastian Muhlhauser, Casulo mobile living furniture.

Look at the pictures below, and you'll understand!


Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'm back with polymer clay

pGosh, i finally had the time to sit down and started practicing with my polymer clay, had a really really busy week, i don't even have time to gasp some air!

As I've mentioned last time that i haven't get myself an oven for polymer clay, but it happens that Jon's oven was in my house, why? LONG that for next time. So, since i have an oven now (temporary), I started playing around with my polymer clay, I LOVE IT!

I was a bit kedekut la, i didn't want to waste my colourful clay, so i played around with only black and white. Here's some pictures of it :P

Pre-baked clay

Baking clay, i was too excited that i looked at the clay every second for 20-25 minutes. Peter said I was like soh poh.

First trial was rather successful, except for some thicker clay was under baked, so i had to re-baked them for longer time. Later ,I converted them into necklace and bracelets, and i wore them today to try its durability.

My result? GOOOOOOD! they were flexible but very unbreakable, but of course, you still need to handle with care.

first trial
I know, Grey rose right? I was practicing after all, but still i like this very much, very feminine.

Tortoise is in grey and white as well, a bit odd but still as cute as the lollipop!

Cup cake!

So i guess this will be my 1st time baking polymer clay and next time will be after i've shifted to a bigger room. I'm in the midst of shifting to a new place where i'll have my oven in.

I'm shifting again, imagine the number of things i have, gosh, luckily i have 1 month to slowly move my things to my new place.

So, stay tune, i'll be selling polymer clay charms in Stephanie's soon...:)