Friday, October 10, 2008

Special request from Sim

I have to tell that I have friends who are so supportive and encouraged me in selling my bracelets. I hesitated at 1st, i didn't have the confidence, being too chicken that no one would buy. But they somehow convinced me, i definitely can't wear so many bracelets so why not selling it to others? I would have my online shop soon, stay tuned!

So, as we were chatting, Sim requested a bracelet in purple and red for Cecilia, so I made 2 for him to choose.


I think gunmetal goes very well with purple. Personally, i like this one a lot, because it's so simple yet unique, something special about this bracelet yet i can't pin point. I just love gunmetal colour. Sim chose this over the other one, actually he hesitated, not sure which one to take. After all, he likes something which looks vintage, so brown is his colour.

Ingredient : Allot heel charm, cream daisy natural pearl shell , red dyed coral chips, acrylic purple bead, gunmetal plated chain

So classic isn't it? I don't seems to get the picture right, I promise this bracelet looks better than the picture. I think purple is really nice, i guess thats why i'm working in Spansion, purple is its colour, we even have purple day where people would dress up in purple.

Ingredient : Antique bronze chain, antique bronze butterfly charm, purple acrylic beads, red dyed colour chip and cream daisy natural pearl shell.

Joanne chose this, I'm glad she likes it. She wanted to purchase at 1st, to be my 1st customer, but since she likes it so much, I'd given her as a gift. I think i will only start selling when my online store is ready, which might take up to months.

Jee Wei thinks this is simple and nice, I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to wear it, because it's so girlish, don't you think so? Anyway, he said he wanted to keep it as someday it might become something vintage

All given out except the antique bronze bracelet where i kept it for myself. I'm really happy that they like it so much. I think sim has yet given to Cecilia, but i hope she likes it :)

I received my items from and i love it so much, especially the cream daisy natural pearl shell, it has a hole in the middle so i have stuffed beads in between. Now it looks like an egg to me, so i paired it with white gold plated muffin and #2 charm. 2 has been my lucky number. I call this " Egg Muffin" .

Ingredient : Cream daisy natural pearl shell, acrylic gold round bead, yellow chinese crystal bicone, #2 charm and white gold plated muffin charm.


Jasonmumbles said...

After reading few posts of these beaded thingy, I think you are doing pretty well, although the basic concept is very similar if not, the same. Still, nicely done.

Also, instead of ingredients, wouldn't be materials be more appropriate?

Princess Lemon said...

Hey Steph, all the bracelets looks so great! I really like your creativity and colour matching. :) I been checking your blog everyday lately waiting to see new design coming out. :) I support you to open your own online store. :)

Stephanie meiyu said...

jason, thankz, i know material is more approperiate, but i think ingredient makes it feel cute :P

sulin, thankz a lot!!! i'm back in kl now, hope to find more things :)

eunice said...

designs are improving a lot :D i like the last one :) It's nice!
Support u too.

Jasonmumbles said...


Stephanie meiyu said...

Thank you eunice :)

Jason, please don't pengsan, i need u in my future sales :)

estherlei said...

Steph, i like to buy your bracelet too. I want something like the last pic. Keep it goin gal!

Lobak said...

Hey the idea of ur own online stall!! Good luck!! U'll do great, I'm very sure :) Awesome designs..

btw, miss u loasds

Stephanie meiyu said...

thankz a lot, it really helps to boost my confidence :P