Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shocking news and dissapointments

I might have been too distracted with my work and life here in Penang, and i might be the last one to know this. YET, this shocking news had made me sleepless, literally.

MMU (Multimedia University), my former university, the place where I've grown to become someone wiser and mature, had became a place I've not known at all.

The former president of MMU, Prof Ghauth, had lef for good and now was replaced with someone "not so smart" (in another word stupid). I'm not sure how true is this, i've only heard from a friend, but Prof Chua, our Engineering Dean had left for UTAR? Thats something really shocking!

He has been an inspiration for all the Engineering students, yet he chose to left? Something cheeky isn't it? Something is really wrong!

I've heard so many good lecturers had left and leaving, arrgghh! there goes MMU! It was a really good University, you know?


Lobak said...

There goes the credit of our degree..btw, love that grey rose u made!! kudos...

iblawg said...

Why you say he stupid!