Friday, October 17, 2008

Sheena's Convocation


Monash University's convocation 2008 has due last August, but i didn't have time to arrange my pictures. Her convocation wasn't as grand as the one i had, it was like 1/3 scale down or maybe lesser, after all, Sunway Resort has halls that can only fit in hundreds instead of thousands like mine.

Though the convocation wasn't big, but it was luxury i must say. They served buffet snacks which i think it was too tasty! i mean, this is what you get if you have a hotel convocation, carpet hall ways for taking pictures, amazing interior design and expensive tea buffet. Attendees, i would say are above average, with designers' bags and clothing, even if they don't have designers' wear, they sure look elegant!

There, i felt a big difference between MMU convocation 2007 (which was mine la!) and Monash U's. Mine was a disaster, wet and crowded. Wet because it was pouring heavily, we couldn't get out to the floras and the fantastic landscapes. Ok, not that fantastic, but still i love the feeling of having taken pictures with the nature in my rob and mortarboard.

So, back to sheena's convocation. Her convocation was simple and fast (this is how it should works, isn't it?), don't have lengthy speech, crappy announcements. They have lots of souvenirs for sales outside the hallway, there's this lil teddy bear wearing Monash graduate rob, very cute......but so expensive la!

Pictures galore,
Daddy and I bought her flowers, which daddy thinks it looked like those for dead person. HAHA!

Edwin's mum got her the gigantic pig, SOOOOOooooo CUTE!

Flying mortarboards.



Sheena and her classmates.

Edwin and sheena.

Sheena and Pauline, her best friend.

Grandma and Sheena.

One big family. Look at my squirrel face!



Lobak said...

I don't have a picture with our mortar boards flying...i didn't even throw mine. did u? hehe

Stephanie meiyu said...

no, i didn't . i think because it was raining, spoilt everything.