Monday, October 06, 2008


After such a long holiday, I have to drag myself back to reality. I hate waking up so early in the morning, why can't i work after lunch?

Anyway, I treasured my Sunday by staying at home whole day beading. Again? yes, again, I can't get myself off the tool box and beads, though i have to do it on my arm chair stool (my room have no space for extra table, still sorting a solution for it) .



I have a few new purple beads and I'm loving it.

Ingredient : Purple and pink chinese crystal bicones, rose quartz chips, purple plastic round beads, medicine box charm and while gold plated chain.



As I was arranging my craft boxes, i found a package of purple fancy buttons. I knew they will be perfect to made bracelets.

I have matched the buttons with purple round beads, pink Swarovski bicone and rose quartz chips. Turned to be so cute, isn't it? I added a lil details on the chain with 2 buttons and a sparkling pink Swarovski, now they looks perfect.

Ingredient : Purple plastic round bead, rose quartz chips, pink Swarovski crystal, white gold plated chain and love toggle.



Instead of using link chain, i've used beads to create a chain for this bracelet. Made with gold plastic round beads and red acrylic beads. The charms are detachable, just in case i don't want it to be too fancy, depending on where and when i'm wearing it.

Ingredient : Gold plastic round beads, red acrylic beads, and a seahorse charm


Lobak said...

Girl, I just love ur infinite room for creativity....WTG! hugs

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaa, thanks licia!! y didn't u update ur blog?? update laaaaaaa........