Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm so dead busy

I am thinking to create another blog just to sell my hand made stuffs, thats all i could think of, I know nothing about web-site languages. Since BLOGGER has made things so easy, so yea, I will create one soon.

The real matter comes, when will it be ready? I have no idea, i'm so dead busy with my job and currently involved in too many things. Usually, after i come home, i will be too lazy to think of other things, but i still manage to make 1 or 2 bracelets. Thats because i really enjoy doing it!

So, i decided to take things slow, i will start selling a few nice pieces here in HERBALTREE. I will not featured my blog in any of the shopping blogs neither will i make big announcement. After all, i never really think of earning a lot, i'm doing it as a hobby.

Here's some preview of my latest designs, some of it i might wanna sell. Do not hesitate to comment, I really need your help as this is my 1st time :)




Ingredient : white gold plated chain, acrylic beads, cream daisy natural pearl shell and a dragon fly charm.


This lil pink butterfly charm melts my heart, gosh! I thought of making one more design with pink butterfly, but too bad i have only 1 piece for each charm.

Ingredient : White gold plated chain, pink acrylic beads, mother of peal chips, stainless steel pink butterfly charm.

How would it looks like to have a dog bone hanged on a hanger on your cell phone?

Ingredient : Pewter hanger charm, alloy dog bone charm, cream daisy natural pearl shell, ball chains.

Kekeke, i have to confess, this #1 charm aint steel nor any metal material, it's plastic! Amazing isn't it? It looks so shinning, but once you hold on it, you know it's plastic, because of its weight loh...

Ingredient : Acrylic gold bead, cream daisy natural pearl shell, plastic charm and bell.

ps : I will make a summary on which to sell and details in these few days


elainecch said...


you are so awesome with your creative work. i believe you will have lots customers coming to you. anyway, where is mine? haha.. kidding la.. take good care..

love u,

sheena said...

hello.. i guess many still like silver, simple ones :D

dont cluster your beads/gems/crystals too much la, like 'yi dui shi' (in mandarin) hehe...

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaha, thankz darling muakc!

kekeke, SHEENA FONG, does it looks like your shi?? hahahaa, seriously, not too much beads?

ok then, u better find lots of charms for me in HK, don't come back if u can't find 100 nice charms :P