Friday, October 17, 2008

Gua Tempurung pictures update


I had my 1st caving experience, my 1st time and will be my only time i guess. I didn't like the shit smell, bats' shit of course. I almost suffocate inside, ok....i was exaggerating , but it was really unbearable.



We had gone through rivers and slits that were so narrow that we had to crawl over in the water. It was so funny to see everyone trying to keep their heads and bags above the water, i had my torch light in my mouth, and my teeth were so sore after that. Dumb me!


I think the only fun part about caving is that you get to play with the muddy slide.



...and squeeze through tiny holes like this. It's like a 2 storeys house, where u have to reach the ground floor from 1st floor through a hole. I find it a lil bit scary, what if the hole breaks? what if my hand slipped?




While i am waiting for my turn to squeeze through the hole ( only 1 person can go through at a time), i saw centipede!!!! that thing just came out from no where and went away to no where. I can't see where it has gone, because that thing just moved too fast.


The most important thing to bring when u go caving is to bring a torch light, because it is really dark and i'm sure u can't see nuts if u don't have flash light. Trust me!

The mist/smoke/dust or whatever is it, we can't see it when we were there, only when in the pictures. Feeling chilly already?



We started the journey by getting ourself soaking wet, then muddy slide and tunnel, finished with a few hundred steps of stairs (that almost kill me, i hate stairs!), we've reached Gua Tempurung most magnificent view.

Million years of lime stones under the bright light, i suddenly feel so romantic, really, no kidding. Though the smell was still around, but i was distracted by the view for the 1st time.


Out last group picture before we leave the cave, so tired and sticky!



My tips to Gua Tempurung,

1. bring flash light
2. wear old clothes, the proof is in the picture, our pants were all stained with mud and it won't go off no matter how many times i've washed it. So, i threw it away eventually, most of my friends' too.
3. Wear open toe stripped slippers, unless u want your feet to swim in your shoes. Some might prefer covered shoes, but i think it feels yucky with water flooded in your shoes. Because you practically soak your legs into the water/river.
4. don't bring things that might fall out easily, especially cell phone, because i saw someone lost their phones into the river and couldn't find it.

After we'd cleaned up ourself, we headed to Ipoh for lunch. You know, as usual la, everyone goes to Ipoh for Chicken rice, which i think it's so expensive!!!




After lunch, everyone walked over to pack salted chicken, as popular as it is. People are queuing for chickens!!

It was only 3 in the afternoon, so we decided to do a lil shopping.


..........up to the Cameron Highland's. Everyone bought a full car of vege except for peter who bought only THREE carrots for his tortoises and i bought a pot of tree :)






So many beautiful flowers, we had herbal eggs and hot steam corns, it was like heaven! Did i mentioned it was raining while we were having our snacks, imagine the temperature, so nice!

Going to Cameron Highlands was a long journey, took us hours to reach Tambun for dinner. When we reached out dinner place, it was already 9 something at night. We reached home at 11pm. We left home at 6.20am in the morning and reached home at 11pm at night, we were out for 17 freaking hours!!!

I still have to clean up a lil bit before i buried myself in my bed.


Duncan said...

Steph, cant wait to come back and see you guys too !

Eh believe it or not, i manage to fit myself into that small tiny hole !

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaha, it's not that small and u're NOT BIG LA! let me tell u who is big, ah king is big!

Lobak said...

AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA then King shudn't go 2 Gua Tempurung lest he tersangkut inside...

When u all went la? Saturday/Sunday? Karthik was there on Sunday...haha....

Btw, thanks for the pics. Lovely lovely - since I cudn't make it there myself.. hehe

ChiawYin said...

it looks so interesting! Hehe... i'm so going to visit gua tempurung now =P