Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Four leaf clover found!

It was a request form a friend. How lucky i am to find four leaf clover charm, this is for you, let me know how you wanted it to be. I have many more four leaf clover in different colours, will have more designs on that :)


On the other hand, out of the blue Peter told me that he wanted to make a key-chain. I guess i must have affected him with my beading virus. Smart guy though, took him a lil while to learn the basic concept of beading and adding some creativity too.


While Peter is having his creativity, i had mine too. I used memory wire and black seed bead to make a bangle, then added a black glove charm with a lil glass cube bead. Don't you think it looks lovely? I just love how simple it is to make and so gorgeous when wear on it. I will make more of this design in the future.



eunice said...

The black glove charm bangle is nice :D

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thanks eunice, i like that a lot too :)